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How to open a business in a small city?

How to open a business in a small city depends onon what resources a person has and what goods or services there is demand. For example, in a number of Russian cities there are not enough kindergartens, so there is a need for private institutions of this plan. This option of entrepreneurship is suitable primarily for those who have a fairly large apartment or other suitable areas. It is necessary to get acquainted with the requirements of the SNiP, which, in particular, establish that one child can not have less than 6 square meters of area. In this case, you can register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity (you can in the form of a non-profit organization). Registration is made in the registration service within one month from the date of filing the application.

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In the status of a kindergarten business in a small townassumes that you will need to install the necessary communications in the building, fire alarm, buy furniture, office equipment, training materials. It will also be necessary to take care of the selection of personnel (from cleaners to educators) and to calculate labor costs, taxes, utilities, telephone communication and the modernization of teaching aids, toys and other things.

Regardless of which one to open a business ina small town decided to be an entrepreneur, you need to go through all the approvals and get the necessary documents. For the kindergarten, you should register with the tax authorities, statistical offices, various funds and necessarily obtain a license to conduct pedagogical activities. In addition, the conclusions of the sanitary and fire services are needed.

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How to open a business in a small city, ifDo you have, for example, an apartment, and nearby there is a railway station? In this case, you can rent a house for the people sent to your city. Perhaps such a service will be in demand, as prices in hotels sometimes go off scale.

The idea "I want to open my own business" should alwaysto be supported by calculations, as own business in a small city is always risk of absence of demand. Especially if in the territory of the village there are no large enterprises with a regularly paid high salary. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the basic human needs for nutrition, quenching thirst or clothing.

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How to open a business in a small city, if youdo you have a land plot? In this case, you can breed chickens or rabbits. For this, for example, it's enough to get acquainted with the breeding of rabbits in Mikhailov's mini-farms, which you can buy ready-made. Mikhailovsky Accelerated Rabbit Production is a whole system that includes equipment, growing techniques, selection of breeds, which allows you to get high-quality dietary meat (up to 6 kilograms from one animal) and good quality skins in a short time. In addition, successful farms sell young animals, and also breed rare breeds, such as small ornamental rabbits for housing maintenance.