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Manufacturing of forms. Advice of professionals

Forms are polygraphic products. They look like this: on a sheet of A4 paper (sometimes less), the company's logo is placed, as well as the standard text. All the rest of the free space is intended to fill the content in the future. The production of forms is carried out on a special offset, special design paper, different color solutions are used, for example, as on an envelope.

production of forms

The company form is the face of the company. Its formation takes place in the same style as business cards, booklets and other printing materials. Mandatory production of the company's forms provides for placing on them the address of the company, its logo. They are printed on offset paper, which is selected in the tone of the envelopes. If the letterheads print letters on the laser printer, only the offset type of printing is used for their production. A stylish letterhead is Weighted and strict design, eliminating any unnecessary details. Nothing should be distracting from reading a letter.

The most common types of forms are:

- Branded forms. They have already been mentioned above, and besides the logo and address, they can also contain an application, surety, various information, etc. They are used when drafting documents inside the company (decrees, orders), and also with external contacts. Using them positively affects the image of the company.

making self-copying forms

- Forms with symbols. The production of forms of this type is carried out for the purpose of using them for external and internal workflow. Forms with logos on coated offset or other paper of various shades from 1 + 0 to 4 + 4 are made.

- Self-adhesive forms. Special paper is used here. These forms are used to compose different correspondence, marking products in warehouses and trading floors, streamline office documentation.

In addition to these types, it is also common to make self-copying forms, which allow you to create the required number of copies of the document when filling out.

Advice of professionals

Manufacturing of letterheads is a whole science,and here also have their own complexities and subtleties, known only to people in a narrow circle. Often professionals in the printing industry share their advice, and here are some of them:

- It is recommended to maintain the business style in the forms in the forms. This approach emphasizes the solidity and importance of your company;

- the most optimal is the offset method. Such forms are suitable for all types of printers.

- paper with a small density - the best, it will not create problems when printing text on your company's usual printer;

manufacturing of letterheads

- to save you can reduce the color toone or two. If the print runs are small, the savings will be noticeable. You can also select the least dense paper, which weighs 90 grams. In addition, use the optimal circulations for production.

Post-printing processes

The production of forms includes alsopostpress processes. The appearance of your letterhead can be distinguished with the help of stamping, selective UV varnish, convex. In most companies, the production of forms is carried out according to the provided models, the client only specifies his individual requirements for them. In addition, according to the wishes of the customer, a completely unique design of the form is being developed.