/ Which business is the most profitable? This question is asked by hundreds of people a day!

Which business is the most profitable? This question is asked by hundreds of people a day!

Which business is the most profitable and relevant forpresent day? After all, a huge number of people dream of their own business, which will bring a stable and considerable income. But many are afraid to start independently, do not believe in their entrepreneurial potential, do not have the necessary capital to start a business, but this is only part of the excuses to start acting. But, nevertheless, which business is the most profitable? It's clear, if you have a million-dollar capital, then you can deal with oil, gas and gold. But today a lucrative small business attracts more attention, it is the beginning of all the beginnings when you aspire to win a decent place under the sun. Let's consider some business ideas with a small starting capital, which with good promotion will bring tangible profits.

Which business is the most profitable? CanPrickly salon bring a stable income?

which business is the most profitable
Currently, the most profitable business in theRussia should be unique and unusual. One of these is the author's doll's interior. If you think that this sphere of entrepreneurship is limited to the children's age of buyers, then this is far from the case. This fascinating world of dolls and sorcery attracts a wide variety of people from different professions and ages.

Dolls are porcelain, vinyl, wooden,silicone, rubber, in addition, in a specialized store you can sell accessories for dolls (clothes, wigs, shoes). But if you've ever heard of dollmasters, they are the creators of collectible and other dolls with their own hands, so, for them, you need to create a special corner. They always need special materials, additional accessories and accessories for making the next puppet masterpiece. Nevertheless, the puppet business requires a creative approach, but it will pay off and justify itself. The main recommendation for this activity: avoid toxic and harmful Chinese dolls. Also, attention should be paid to the assortment of the puppet store. It is worthwhile to put everything for sale: from the most budgetary to the most refined and exclusive models, which, perhaps, even handmade, in a single copy.

What is the most profitable business in the sphere of clothing trade? Perhaps the idea of ​​organizing a network of second-hand stores is promising ?!

profitable small business
Outlets for second-hand clothespay off in a few months, with the organization of all necessary measures to promote products and assortment. Approximate revenue per month is more than three thousand dollars, and the first purchase can begin with $ 700. The products are bought in bulk by weight in bags of 25 and 100 kg. When analyzing and sorting bags, the oldest products are put up for sale at cost price, while the more expensive and new half of the assortment is sold with a mark-up of 100-150%.

Store second-hand stores usually in homeslife, department stores or in the atelier. The main attention should be paid to advertising the store, installing advertising signs and distributing leaflets in the nearest area where the store is located.

the most profitable business in Russia
Also an excellent idea is to organize a networkkofematov in the centers of small towns. In this case, an amount of $ 25,000 is required to install four escorts. In the absence of competition, such a business pays for itself up to six months, and the income brings in from $ 12,000 and more per month. What is noteworthy, coffee machines work without a license and a seller, there is no need for a daily visit to the machine, the only postulate of success in this business is the right choice of location. Why do you need 4 caffeate? Simply other successful stories show that you need a minimal network of 4 machines that will work on both natural coffee and soluble coffee. The assortment is quite wide, from simple cocoa to American express and hot chocolate.