/ / Gazprom dreams come true! But the people in this doubt

"Gazprom - dreams come true!" But the people in this doubt

"Gazprom - dreams come true!Well, of course, like the company itself, Gazprom is the largest gas company in the world that conducts geological exploration, extracts, transports, processes and sells in Russia and beyond its borders oil, natural gas and gas condensate.

gasprom dreams come true

In the possession of "Gazprom" are the richest inthe world reserves of natural gas (the share of the world stock - 16.9%, in Russia - 60%). The main gas pipelines that were integrated into the UGSS (Unified Gas Supply System) belong to Gazprom. Work for the benefit of the company in the amount of four hundred thousand people.

Among other things, Gazprom isThe largest joint-stock company, the number of shareholders of which is more than five hundred thousand people. The most numerous of these is the state. As for the head, that is, the chairman of the company's board, he is Alexey Miller, who once replaced Viktor Chernomyrdin. "Gazprom - dreams come true!" This slogan belongs to him, according to many workers.

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As for this capacious phrase of the company, then to itsthe creation came very competently, and it forced almost everyone to learn about the existence of Gazprom, and even for a long time to remember it. The slogan should distinguish the advertised company among others, and this condition is successfully fulfilled. The better the slogan, the more chances to get ahead. This sentence is just a word, interconnected in meaning and grammatically (as we remember from the school program), is an important factor for the promotion of the product.

Among other things, the slogan shouldto associate with something positive. Listen to these words: "Gazprom - dreams come true!" Well, who does not want his dreams to come true? Of course, I want everyone! However, the same potential buyers are in doubt that it is their dreams that will come true. In principle, everywhere you can see, read or hear statements saying that the phrase: "Gazprom - dreams come true!" - it's not about ordinary people, and that these dreams come true only from the leaders of Gazprom itself. However, a negative opinion - this is also an opinion, and due to him, including this company is advancing.

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There are many jokesthe creation of the slogan "Gazprom - dreams come true!". It's a joke, an anecdote or a caricature - all these simple and such familiar things add more glory to the company than the numerous commercials and other similar "inventions." Even the verses on this score are close to the black humor. Surely many know at least one of them about how the representative of the informal movement was resting on the pipe and, due to the explosion, the latter ended her short life, as the people in this group are dreaming of: "The emo girl is sitting on the pipe," and so on. And in the finals: "Gazprom - dreams come true!" Photos on this topic also do not lag behind in their originality. There is also a ghostly racer in his "fiery" guise, which was overtaken, apparently, served from one devil to another. There are many demotivators on this topic. For example, a boy with a huge bottle of vodka in his hand and a T-shirt from Gazprom. Or you can see pictures that show "incredibly huge help" to people from Gazprom. In general, jokes and jokes for every taste. Just think, there is only one phrase, but it can not be forgotten for a very long time. Either the company really does have some kind of dream, or the gap between the slogan and reality is too great.