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Legislation on the licensing of certain activities in Russia

Not every activity can be dealt withfree. Specific species require special conditions to meet the requirements of the law. In addition to the fact that any activity must be registered, in order to engage in certain types of entrepreneurship, an additional license must be obtained in addition. We learn about licensing of certain types of activities from special acts. In particular, there is the Law "On licensing of certain types of activities" at number one hundred and twenty-eight, adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on July 13, 2000, and entered into force on August 8, two thousand and one. Article 17 of this law defines an exhaustive list of activities subject to licensing. In total in this article one hundred and five points, that is, we have quite a lot of varieties of entrepreneurial activity that require licensing. These types of activities include, for example, work

- development, production, repair and testing of aviation equipment;

- dissemination, maintenance, services, production and development of encryption tools;

- on development and technical protection of information;

- with military equipment and weapons and the like.

Legislation on licensing of certain speciesactivity provides for mandatory obtaining of permission to conduct banking activities. Why is this necessary? In order to make the banking system more stable and reliable, protect the interests of not only creditors, but also investors. Any bank before starting to operate is required to obtain the necessary license, in which all operations that are authorized to this commercial organization will be clearly specified.

What is banking licensing?activities? This is the receipt by the commercial bank of a special permit provided for by law to perform specific operations. But for branches of these banks there is no need for an independent license, they operate on the basis of their bank's license and in the presence of written permission.

So, the bank as a commercial organization in accordance with the Federal Law on licensing certain types of activities must initially obtain this license for the following operations:

- Deposit of citizens and organizations (acceptance of deposits from them);

- opening of client accounts and their management;

- factoring and leasing;

- provision of safes and safe storage;

- issue and turnover of payments;

- services on bank cards;

- consulting services.

In addition, banking organizations attract monetary borrowed funds, bear responsibility for risks.

In addition to having a license for certain types of banking activities, the approval of the Central Bank is also required. To such operations belong:

- activities with currency values;

- issue of securities (own) of the bank, including the client's order;

- investment activity in relation to other organizations;

- issue and circulation of lotteries;

- collection services and some other operations.

No bank will receive a license to conduct production activities and classic trade, insurance, except for intermediary services.

The Central Bank gives a license to a commercial bank subject to all conditions:

- fully paid up authorized capital;

- availability of necessary equipment and equipment;

- availability of suitable premises for bank work;

- presence of the Board of Directors.

For transactions requiring written consentCentral Bank, you must initially obtain the license itself, have the required regulatory capital, provide the business plan to the Central Bank, prove financial solvency for conducting banking operations, have the relevant divisions and fulfill other required conditions of the Central Bank of Russia.