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Innovative management is a management system

The term "innovation" refers to the economiccategory and is the object of a kind of economic mechanism that has an impact on certain processes associated with the creation and implementation of innovations, as well as various relationships in the economy. At the same time, we must not forget that the market is the place where such relations arise.

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This economic mechanism affectsinnovations with the use of special strategic management tools, which together form an innovative management. It is some control system for various innovations, as well as the processes and relationships that arise in the process of their movement.

The basis of innovation management

The basic moments of this economic category are:

- purposeful search for ideas that will serve as the basis for a specific innovation;

- organization of an innovation process fora certain innovation, which involves the implementation of a set of works of the organizational and technical plan for the transformation of the usual idea into the final product;

- the process of implementing and promoting new ideas in the market.

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Any of these directions should includea specific strategy and tactics. So, the strategy shows the direction with the way resources are used to achieve the goal. This method should correspond to a certain set of limitations and rules in making decisions.

Thus, innovation management isan economic category that uses effective tools such as a strategy to concentrate all efforts on a specific acceptable solution and a tactic that involves the use of certain methods and techniques to achieve the goal in each case. The main task of tactics is to choose the optimal solution that is most acceptable in each individual economic situation.

Innovative management is the perfect management system

Considering this category as a system, it is necessary to distinguish two main subsystems:

- managing as a subject;

- managed as an object.

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The interaction of these two subsystems is realizedin the sphere of information movement, which is directly a management process. In other words, innovative management is a process of development with subsequent implementation of an impact on an entity by a management entity. At the same time, such a development presupposes the collection, transfer and final processing of information with subsequent decision-making and determination of the control effect.

As a subject can act as oneemployee, and a group of employees, which are supported using special methods of object functioning. The object of management is innovation, the process of innovation and economic relations in this area.

Specialized literature

Often in the research work of students(an example is coursework) innovative management considers one more element - an information product. This element appears as a result of the collection and processing of information with an assessment of its effectiveness of use.

Do not forget about the functions that performinnovative management, textbook, for example, Dorofeeva V.D. contains exactly the following: the functions of the subject (organization, forecasting, planning and coordination) and the functions of the management object (investment of investments, organization of implementation of the innovation process and promotion of innovations in the market).