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"Astra" Publishing House: feedback of employees

Today we have to figure out what theIn fact, the "Astra" publishing house is represented. Reviews about this employer are left very often. Far from all they please. This company can offer such vacancies, which will interest many. Let's try to understand what we are dealing with. Is it true that the Astra publishing house makes negative comments in a fair way, or is it not? Should I get a job here?

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The publishing house "Astra", as it is not difficult to guess -This is the place where various books and magazines are printed, edited and published. In any case, this is the position that positions itself. As practice shows, the company does conduct publishing activities, although it is slightly doubtful in some cases.

As you can see, nothing particularly in this corporationno. But the publishing house "Astra" reviews receive in very large quantities. What then attracted users and people all over Russia to the company so much? Does the corporation really make such proposals, which it is difficult to refuse?


The publishing house "Astra" (St. Petersburg) receives mixed reviews for its own announcements about hiring new employees. Why is this happening?

Firstly, "Astra" is a popular publishing house.In it, the entire system of workers must be established. So, there will be no free vacancies at all, or they will be in small quantities. As practice showed, this company constantly needs someone new. Suspicious, is not it?

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Secondly, JSC "Publishing House Astra" reviewsreceives ambiguous for posted vacancies. Most often they require text-setters and editors. In principle, there is nothing suspicious about this. What else should the publishing house do, how not to read, print, edit and publish? But only the vacancies offered are often remote. That is, any person from Russia with the help of a computer and the Internet can get a job here. A good reason for doubting the integrity of a potential employer.


ZAO publishing house "Astra" reviews earnsalso not very good and for their promises, which it gives in the posted ads. For example, you are guaranteed formal employment in the firm. But how can a person from Vladivostok, who lives there permanently, officially work in St. Petersburg? Is the publishing house using some kind of machinations in its activities?

Next - the salary.In this regard, many potential employees and have no idea how to respond about the employer. After all, your earnings will depend on the amounts you have made. But on average it will be about 20 000 rubles. In principle, for an editor or typing-man who works all day, this is normal. Nevertheless, many are still skeptical about this point, because the vacancies offered are remote, and this makes one doubt the integrity of the employer.

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For its free schedule, the publishing house "Astra"reviews get positive from potential employees. After all, everyone dreams about this. You will be given work for a certain period of time. Wanted - did everything for the day, they wished - they stretched it for a week. The employee himself will control the workload and earnings. Such proposals are very often met, and therefore they do not arouse fear among many. On the contrary, they force to write positive opinions about the employer even before the cooperation began. Similarly, the publishing house "Astra" (St. Petersburg) reviews are, in this sense, encouraging and bright.

Sense of work

The next item is the execution of the work. Even before you find a job, you will be told about what is to be done. Maybe the vacancy does not suit you at all?

In this sense, the publishing house Astra (work)reviews get positive. A specially trained manager will explain very quickly and in detail how the firm works. And what you must do, he will tell you too. True, all consultations will take place only through the Internet. Usually they are conducted using e-mail, occasionally - via Skype. Some experienced users because of this leave skeptical opinions about the publishing house. It turns out that the interview takes place online. This method of some people pushes people to think that they are scammers.

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What will have to do after employment? Type and edit text. True, all material will come to you in printed (handwritten) form on mail (home address). And your task, according to most employees of the publishing house, will be the reprinting of the text and its conversion into an electronic format. Sometimes you will also be sent work on the Internet. Nothing complicated, right? Nevertheless, some users note that there are reasons for concern before employment.

Company address

For example, work in the publishing house "Astra"(St. Petersburg) reviews are questionable after potential employees try to find out more about the company. The thing is that it is enough to look into the section "Contacts" on the official website of the employer, so that the first doubts about his conscientiousness appear.

Why? The address there is listed in St. Petersburg, but if you live in this city, you can easily check where the head office of the company is in fact. In fact, he is absent. Hence, the publishing house "Astra" reviews employees (potential and current) negative plan is not just for that. Why write a phony address of your company, if it does not deal with any fraud? Any self-respecting company is obliged to indicate only reliable information about itself.

Connection with the editorial office

In addition, the publishing house "Astra" reviewsemployees are not very good, and for the actual lack of communication with the employer. All dialogues, as already mentioned, are conducted directly through the Internet. It's not a secret for anyone that this method is often used by scammers. After all, the email sent by e-mail can not be answered at all.

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Nevertheless, in order to dispel doubtsusers, the publishing house "Astra", reviews of which, as practice shows, not very happy, leaves contact in Skype for communication support. Answer you for calls from strength 2-3 times during the interview. This voice support for communication with a potential employer will disappear.

Many emphasize that any attempt to contactsooner or later the publishing house fails miserably. So, in the end you can not ask questions and consult your superiors. A good reason to doubt the honesty of the employer. Publishing house "Astra" (St. Petersburg) reviews employees in this regard, really describe as a scam-gang company. But is it really so?

During the interview

The most interesting publishing house "Astra" reviewsemployees receives for correspondence during the interview. And this time is able to show that in fact represents a company. The thing is that many workers are assured that the "employment" with you will require money - a purely nominal fee, which will be the guarantor of your intentions.

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It is doubtful, is not it? Most employee opinions emphasize that a potential employer will tell you a story about how unscrupulous people refused to do work on time, which is why the company lost customers. And now, as a confirmation of your intentions, you will have to pay a fee-insurance in the amount of about 200-250 rubles. It will be returned to you with the first order fulfilled. Because of this, the publishing house "Astra" (work) reviews gets negative.


Employees of the firm who tried to get startedwith the corporation, are convicted of dishonesty by the employer. After you make a payment-insurance, all communications with managers and management will be closed to you. In other words, the publishing house "Astra" (St. Petersburg) receives reviews as a company that bred people for money.

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Thus, numerous real reviewsWe are called upon to refuse to cooperate with Astra. Remember, never pay premiums before you start working. This is an old and well-known fraudulent device.