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Solvent 646: technical characteristics, GOST, composition

Solvent 646 is a very effective universalsolvent, designed for use in various paints and varnishes. Thanks to it, the coatings after drying become extra luster. From this article you will learn:

- what is the solvent 646;

- specifications;

- GOST, the requirements of which it corresponds.

General characteristics of the solvent

646 thinner - transparent colorlessliquid (in some cases may have a yellowish tinge), characterized by a specific odor. The density of the solvent is 0.87 g / cc. cm, it does not freeze and does not gain viscosity. Self-ignited at a temperature of 403 degrees, boils at 59 degrees.

Manufactured in accordance with the requirementsstandard GOST 18188-172. The solvent must have a uniform composition. It should not be spotted and flaky. Suspended particles in the liquid are also not allowed.

It is produced in industrial containers, in plastic and glass containers (bottles) of various volumes.

solvent 646 specifications

Solvent 646: specifications, composition

It is a compound of volatile organic substances. In solvent 646, the technical characteristics of which correspond to GOST 18188-72, the following substances are included:

  • toluene 50%;
  • butanol - 15%;
  • butyl acetate - 10%;
  • ethyl alcohol - 10%;
  • acetone 7%;
  • ethylcellosolve - 8%.

Due to its composition it is considered to be the most active dissolving material.

Solvent 646 specifications have the following:

  • the volatility values ​​for ethyl ether are in the range of 8 to 15;
  • the coagulation number is at least 35%;
  • the acid number does not exceed 0.06 mg KOH / g;
  • the share of water (according to Fisher) is no more than 2%;
  • diluting effect - after drying, no whitening and film are observed, nitro-ethanol is characterized by a smooth surface without spots.

Where is it applied?

Solvent 646 specificationsallow to be used for work with various paint and varnish materials, including nitrocellulose, melaninamide, glyptal, acrylic, epoxy. It is used either as an additive for the production of these materials, or for diluting them to the required consistency before use. Also, this reagent is added to the putty and primer to create an optimal working consistency, which allows for perfect leveling of the surfaces.

 solvent p 646 specifications

In some cases, solvent P-646, technicalcharacteristics of which correspond to GOST, is used as a material for degreasing of various surfaces or for washing equipment (in order to optimize a certain technological process).

What are the advantages of the solvent 646?

Among the main advantages of the solvent brand 646 can be noted the following:

  • is characterized by universality of application;
  • Very high solubility;
  • gives additional gloss to the coatings;
  • easy to use;
  • Do not lead to burns in case of contact with skin;
  • does not form greasy spots on the treated surfaces;
  • evaporates without leaving a smell.

Mode of application

The solvent is added to the paint or varnishin small parts to the required density and viscosity. The diluted mixture must be constantly mixed. Since the solvent is characterized by high activity, it is necessary to take special care when working with it so as not to damage the lower layer of the coating.

Precautions for handling the solvent

Work should be carried out in premises,equipped with good ventilation, as the substance is toxic (classified as a third hazard class). In addition, special protective equipment such as a respirator and gloves should be used when working with the brand 646 solvent. Goggles are also recommended.

solvent 646 specifications

If the reagent is on the skin area, it should be treated with water (warm) using soap. In case of contact with eyes after rinsing, consult a doctor.

Given that this solvent is aflammable material, it is necessary to handle it carefully and in any case not to allow open flames, sparks, as well as smoking near the containers with the reagent.

How to store correctly?

The solvent is stored in a tightly closed container. In addition, the container with the reagent must be protected from humidity, direct sunlight, heat. Do not leave any heating appliances in the vicinity of the solvent tanks.

solvent 646 technical characteristics composition

The warranty period of storage (according to manufacturers' information) from the date of manufacture is 12 months, which enables enterprises to purchase this product in large batches.

The temperature values ​​at which the solvent is stored are in the range from minus 40 to plus 40 deg.