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"Prominent city": reviews of residents

Acquisition of new housing is an important step for anyfamilies. It is important to give maximum attention to this process and take into account all the nuances. It is important and the location of the apartment, and the availability of finishing, and the surrounding infrastructure, and the environmental situation in the area. We all want the very best for our family. However, a dream apartment, as a rule, is too expensive to immediately buy it. That is why an increasing number of people prefer to buy apartments in the housing complexes under construction. As a rule, their cost is much cheaper than real estate in the secondary market. In addition, you can usually take a mortgage to purchase housing. However, how to choose a suitable housing complex? Which developer to trust? Today we will take a closer look at the city of Vidnoe near Moscow, the opinions of the residents (future) about it, as well as the main features that distinguish this housing complex from others. What about the apartments that are offered for sale? What is the infrastructure of the suburbs? Which equity holders distinguish the advantages of the project? Detailed answers to all these questions can be found in this article.

Prominent city reviews

about the project

LCD "Prominent City" reviews are called one of thethe most beautiful projects that they had to see in Moscow. After all, now only a fifteen minute drive from the capital of the Russian Federation you can see a beautiful, cozy suburb of St. Petersburg or Paris. As reported by LCD "Prominent City" customer reviews, each house is a sample of classical architecture. Residents of the district will be able to admire the luxurious ensemble of architectural masterpieces that are pleasant to the eye every day. Very beautiful parks will be located nearby, which will be filled with beautiful sculptures and plants creating a picturesque landscape. The highlight is also a terrace city square, which will be the evening beckoning residents to walk.

Cars can not enter into courtyards physically.They can be parked only in specially designated parking lots (both ground and underground), as well as on the street side. That's why there is no need to worry about the child who went out for a walk to the playground. Yards are closed and absolutely safe.

Judging by the way they describe the LCD "Prominent City"reviews, the area is also unique in its location. So, not far from it is Sukhanovo (an old manor). That is why the "Prominent City", in essence, is a beautiful continuation of the history of this area. The author of the project in question (one of the most outstanding architects specializing in classics, Maxim Atayants) set a goal to translate into his plans the richness and complexity of the classical architectural appearance. That is why each of the facades is absolutely unique, it has a unique shade, a picture of the veranda and balconies, and delicious decorative elements.

As they say about LCD "Prominent City" reviews, the wholeThe infrastructure of the suburbs is literally within walking distance. So, you can use the services of parking lots, cafes, a supermarket, restaurants, a kindergarten, shopping galleries, a school, a pharmacy.

Leisure in the suburb can beincredibly diverse. Particular attention is paid to the infrastructure that is designed for sports and various other outdoor activities in nature. For example, we are talking about a wellness center for the whole family, a special center for children's sports development, as well as a zone of strength exercises, an open winter skating rink, and a playground for mini-football. But, as the customers' reviews of the LCD show "Vidnyi Gorod", a pleasant surprise is also the zone of secular leisure, namely: park games (like, for example, French petanque), restaurants and cafes.

Literally in one minute of walking from the town there is a stunning green massif. At any time you can come to the forest to get some fresh air, as well as get a boost of energy.

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How much esthetic is the environment around usspace, and what kind of urban environment we are in, greatly affects our emotional and physical well-being, personal comfort and mood. That is why the developer in question is paying so much attention to architecture.

Each house of this suburb is endowed with its owncharacter and own mood. The image of LCD "Prominent City" reviews are appreciated as pleasant, pleasing to the eye and heart. Life in such an environment will bring a lot of positive emotions.


Reviews about the city of Vidnoe in the Moscow region separately describe the infrastructure of the suburb in question. So, what can this LCD bring to your attention?

  • Nature:
    • a park;
    • forest.
  • Sport:
    • petanque;
    • tennis;
    • "wolf out";
    • mini football;
    • basketball;
    • volleyball;
    • climbing wall;
    • table tennis;
    • open ice rink.
  • For children:
    • kindergartens (280 places);
    • school (1125 places).
  • The shops:
    • Products for children;
    • cosmetics;
    • bakery,
    • pet Shop;
    • Butcher shop;
    • household products;
    • pharmacies;
    • jewelry;
    • construction shops;
    • studio;
    • shoe store;
    • clothing store;
    • haberdashery;
    • eco-products;
    • fresh-shop;
    • supermarket.
  • Gastronomy:
    • a cafe;
    • restaurants;
    • confectionery.
  • Fitness:
    • sports and health center.
  • Services:
    • tourist agency;
    • design bureau;
    • Beauty Salons;
    • dentistry;
    • branches of banks;
    • medical services;
    • Insurance Company.

Not far from the complex are located:

  • Nature:
    • Sukhanovsky Pond;
    • Spassky Reservoir;
    • forest;
    • a park.
  • Sights:
    • alley of glory in the Vidnoye;
    • Lenin Hills (museum-preserve);
    • the estate Sukhanovo;
    • district historical and cultural center;
    • homestead "Timochovo-Salazkino."
  • The shops:
    • "Dixie";
    • "Starkad";
    • "Pyaterochka";
    • "Auto Parts".
  • Gas stations:
    • "BP";
    • "Tatneft";
    • Rosneft;
    • TNK;
    • "Oil main";
    • Gazpromneft.
  • Shopping centers:
    • Shopping center "Brand City";
    • "Cosmic";
    • Outlet "Brand City";
    • TC "Designer";
    • Shopping center "Retail Park Vidnoe"
  • Temples:
    • Temple of the Holy Trinity;
    • Church of All Saints, in the land of the Russian shining;
    • Church of St. Nicholas;
    • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin with. Bulatnikovo;
    • St. Catherine's Monastery;
    • Temple of the Bogolyubsk Icon of the Mother of God in Dubrovsky;
    • Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tarychevo.

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What are the advantages of residents' responses to LCD "Vidny Gorod"?

  • A city for life. This is a special format of the housing complex. It combines affordable prices, author's architecture and business class infrastructure.
  • The deal is incredibly reliable. The real estate is realized according to the Federal Law №214. Thus, the transaction is legally clean and safe for the buyer.
  • Insurance of the developer's responsibility.
  • Unique author's architecture.
  • Favorable mortgage terms. Availability of business relationships with a variety of partner banks. Making a loan as soon as possible.
  • The promotional program - the first installment can be only 3% of the value of the property.
  • Monolithic brick building.
  • Unique terraced urban area, located on a hill. This rare solution can rightly be called an architectural landmark. It will become the heart of the suburb.
  • Space for sports and entertainment. Sufficient space and suitable infrastructure.
  • There are fifty alternative layouts. You will definitely find an apartment for your taste and for your wallet.
  • You can purchase and create the apartment of your dreams. In the presence of rare formats of apartments, which previously were characteristic only for luxury housing.
  • Club program. Possibility to receive discounts, participate in promotions and even earn money.

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Of course, not everyone is able to immediatelypay the entire amount for the newly acquired property. That's why buyers are invited to take a mortgage. In addition, the developer Urban Group is a special partner of several large banks of the Russian Federation. That is why all his projects receive special preferences. Buyers are given a mortgage in the shortest time and on incredibly favorable terms.

Thus, the maximum loan period forThe vast majority of programs are thirty years old. The amount of down payment varies from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the apartment. And the interest rate can be from 10.25% to 10.9%. This is also why the "Urban Group" reviews customers so positively. "Prominent city" will become an affordable home for even more people.

Rare apartment formats

Every modern person has the right to expressthemselves with the help of their own housing, its layout and interior. Such an opportunity will provide you LCD "Prominent City." Apartments reviews describe how wonderful sites for creativity. The developer "Urban Group" offers its clients about 50 different layouts, as well as a few rare formats of apartments, which previously were considered a characteristic feature of elite real estate and could not afford to middle-class representatives.

For example, there is an opportunity to purchasetwo-level apartment. Ceilings in this housing height of 5.8 meters. You can choose for yourself one of the formats suitable for you two-level apartments. In the classical version, the two floors are completely separated from each other. In an exclusive format are apartments that have a free lay-out with a second light.

Also, the highlight of your house can be French windows. They will give habitation of lightness and style. And you can at any time admire the stunning panoramic view of the suburbs.

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Classes of houses

You can choose the option that suits you:

  • Classic. The cost of housing starts from 2 million rubles. The houses are beautiful, unique, and most importantly, accessible. Author's architecture of each facade. Safe, closed yards, comfortable playgrounds.
  • Classics "Smart". The cost of apartments starts from 2.5 million rubles. You will get your home already with full decoration. You can settle immediately, as soon as you get the keys. No need to live in an apartment in which repairs are continued.
  • Super comfort. The price of housing starts from 6.5 million rubles. The design of these homes is truly elegant. Luxurious landscape design (flower beds, fruit trees).
  • Club house. The cost starts from 7.39 million rubles. The apartment you will get already with full decoration. Increased comfort level. Exceptional finish. The opportunity to move in immediately after you receive the keys.
  • New business. Private courtyard, hidden from prying eyes with a beautiful fence 2 meters high. The territory is protected by an electronic access system. The yard is distinguished by a stunning landscape design. The area of ​​apartments is increased, and the height of the ceiling is 3 meters.

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Sometimes it becomes possible to become a participantshares held by the developer Urban Group. "Prominent city" (reviews confirm this fact) of this kind of events also affect. For example, it is possible to get an apartment in a mortgage at a reduced rate - only 8.4% for the entire period of payments. If you pay the property before the deadline, you can also get a discount (up to 12% of the cost of housing).

And what about mortgages? With a military mortgage, the buyer is guaranteed to receive a 12% discount. Less will have to pay also if you simultaneously buy two or more apartments from the builder. In addition, the bank "VTB24" offers to buy real estate in leasing. Or just become a participant of the action "Profitable formula" and buy housing on special terms.


On the LCD "Prominent City" reviews leavemostly positive. Of course, interest holders are a little upset by delaying the deadlines, but they understand that, unfortunately, for projects of this scale it is almost inevitable. Also among the shortcomings are the presence on the territory of LCD transmission lines. Supposedly the radiation emanating from them will have a bad effect on the health of the inhabitants. Of course, the fact of the presence of such influence in principle can not be denied. However, as experts say about the LCD "Vidny Gorod", power lines are located far from residential buildings and fit into all existing sanitary norms.

In the rest, the suburbs of buyers are happy. Among the advantages are a close distance to Moscow, and a pleasant location, and the availability of pantry and parking, and a wide variety of layout options. It is possible to say with certainty that the LCD "Prominent City" reviews positively. And this creates a good reputation for the suburbs, and for the builder.

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LCD "Prominent City" customer reviews are calleda wonderful place to live. And although the project will be commissioned only next year, future residents concentrate on its positive aspects and are not upset because of the postponed delivery deadlines.

LCD "Prominent City" (Urban) reviews are appreciated forthe opportunity to choose one of 50 different layout options, buy an apartment of a rare format that was previously unavailable because of its incredibly high cost, for the unique design of the facades, stunning landscape design, closed secure courtyards, convenient parking lots.

Is it worth to you and become a client of the builder "UrbanGroup "and purchase a comfortable and beautiful apartment in the housing estate under consideration? After analyzing all the information presented above, you are sure that you will be able to draw the conclusion that will be right for you.

Spend enough time analyzing the market andavailable offers. In this case, you can choose an apartment in which you and your family will be happy for many years. Do not neglect also the need to carefully check the reputation of the builder. It can tell you a lot about the quality of the current project.