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Trading margin and its consequences

The last few years in our countryrapid business growth. Every year the number of entrepreneurs grows exponentially, increasing not only the investment climate in our country, but also tax deductions to the budget. Naturally, every entrepreneur is struggling for his own profit, and it is the trade mark-up that is the main income item of his enterprise. There is a practice in which some businessmen deliberately put the price above the established norms. A trade mark-up is the difference between the value of a good in a wholesale warehouse or a manufacturing plant and the price of a retail sale.

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Today's entrepreneurs are already available readydecisions to fix the price of the goods sold, depending on the products. If, for the first time, you enter the market with a new product, you need to know that the trade mark-up is calculated from the indicators of the quality of the consumer properties of the product and the market situation. Also in the calculations it is necessary to lay taxes and excises. Only after carrying out all the calculations you will be able to find out how much the trade mark-up should be to make your business generate revenue.

Beginning entrepreneurs believe that understatingprices will lead to them a crowd of buyers and even allow you to take away the clientele from competitors, but it's not. Statistics - a stubborn thing, which shows that often the consumer chooses not only the price, but also the quality of the goods, the level of service, the environment and many other factors affecting its priorities. As experienced businessmen say, at the initial stage, the trade mark-up should be at the level of the market average plus or minus 5%. This will not deter most customers at a price and will eventually allow them to earn their regular customers. It should also be noted that the state regulates the prices of some goods of daily demand, and if these criteria are exceeded, you will be fined.

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Calculate these indicators will be quite simple,since when submitting information to the tax balance sheet will show what the trading margin is. Postings for such indicators are carried out on the credit of account 42 and debit of account 41. It should be noted that at the first inspections some entrepreneurs receive substantial fines for violation of established requirements. The most popular excuse in this situation is ignorance of the normative documents and decrees of the Government concerning the sale of consumer goods.

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Trading margins are, above all, "bread"any businessman engaged in retail sales. Buying a product, each consumer realizes that he overcharges. More and more often we hear stories from the TV screen or from friends that some people "dress" abroad. Such purchases make it possible to recoup not only shopping trips, but even the cost of air tickets. Statistics show that only 5% of our citizens are "dressed" this way. The rest prefer to go to the nearest market and pay 2-3 times for the same thing, but to save yourself from long flights with inconveniences.