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Organizational Legal Forms of Entrepreneurial Activity

Organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity - a combination of organizational and property differences, ways of creating a material base, differences in the interaction and responsibility of the founders, owners, participants.

What organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity exist?

It can be commercial organizations in the form ofeconomic societies and economic partnerships, cooperatives, unitary municipal and state enterprises. There are also organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity in the form of non-profit organizations. These include public and all kinds of religious organizations, various non-profit partnerships, institutions, various kinds of funds (charitable, social), autonomous non-profit organizations, associations and unions and other forms.

Organizational and legal forms of businessactivities, expressed in the form of commercial organizations, are profit-oriented, and non-profit organizations pursue socially useful goals, they direct profits to achieve their statutory goals.

IP and farm (peasant) farms carry out entrepreneurial activities without compulsory creation of a legal entity.

Let's consider commercial organizational legal forms of enterprise activity.

- Economic partnerships. There are two varieties: complete and fellowship on faith.

Under the full partnership understand the organizationcommercial orientation, the participants of which carry out economic activities on behalf of the enterprise and meet all their available property for their obligations.

Fellowship on faith - the organization of commercialorientation, in which, in addition to full partners, there are depositors who do not carry out activities to manage the organization that are not liable for obligations, and their risk is limited by the amount of the contribution.

- Business associations. They are subdivided into OOO, ODO and JSC (CJSC and JSC).

LLC - created by one person or severala company in which the charter capital consists, in accordance with the constituent documents, of shares whose members do not meet the obligations of the organization and risk within the limits of the value of the deposits.

ODO - the members of the organization bear, for the obligations of the enterprise, additional liability with their property, for all in an equal amount, which is a multiple of the value of the contribution.

AO is a legal entity in which the share capitalis divided into shares, the shareholders themselves do not meet the obligations that the enterprise has, and risk the value of their shares. If a shareholder can dispose of his shares without the consent of others, then the company is open, in the opposite case - closed.

Production cooperative - association of natural personson the basis of voluntary membership for the purposes of joint production or economic activities, which bear additional responsibility under the statute, which is based on the personal work of everyone and the pooling of share contributions.

Allocate organizational economic forms of entrepreneurial activity.

1) Cartel - agreement of entrepreneurs of one industry on the cost of production, the division of markets, etc.

2) Syndicate - the creation by entrepreneurs of one industry of general sales of products to eliminate competition.

3) Consortium - the association of persons engaged in entrepreneurial business for any serious financial transaction in order to reduce risk and increase capital.

4) Concern is an AO that is diversified and monitors the organization through a participatory system.