/ / Business plan: shaurma to take out. Settlements and instructions for the organization of business

Business plan: Shaurma to take away. Settlements and instructions for the organization of business

Street food around the world is represented by a great variety of options. In Russia, a lot of dishes of this direction are known. One of the brightest representatives of it can be called shaurma.

Reasons for Shawarma popularity and business features

business plan shaurma
The dish itself came from Turkey. Born on the shores of the Black Sea, this is distinguished by a special simplicity of preparation. It combines the most delicious meat, fresh vegetables, pita bread and sauce. Such useful, simple and at the same time inexpensive food could not go unnoticed by entrepreneurs. In order to put a stall with shawarma, the business plan is not complex, because the simplicity of creating a dish miraculously combines with the absence of any difficulties in creating your own business.

Another reason for the popularity of this dish is the increased calorie content. So, one portion of shawarma can easily replace a full meal.

Depending on the region, the dish may have certain differences. These include:

- replacing the Armenian lavash with a tortilla;

- variants of sauce (starting from tomato, ending with balsamic);

- different meat (recipes from pork, lamb, beef, chicken are found).

So, in order to open a shawarma, the business plan should include the taste preferences of the chosen region. This is a prerequisite.

How to create a primary business plan for shawarma with calculations

open shawarma business plan
The first step is to identify the area in whichwill be the implementation of the product. It should be understood that we are talking about a dish that is preferred to be used as a substitute for a full-fledged lunch. Therefore, the optimal location for implementation will be sites with a large accumulation of flows of people. For example, in large cities it can be:

- the area near the educational institutions;

- public gardens and embankments;

- places of congestion of people, the mode of work of which implies frequent purchase of fast food (bus stops and so on);

- a site for any sports facilities.

Choosing a place, we make it into a ready business plan,shaurma for which is the basis for further calculations. The next step is to analyze the flow of people - this will help determine the possible daily profit. It should be noted that in some places, trade can be seasonal. So, for example, the embankment will be the most actual place of sale in the spring-summer period.

If you are thinking about how to open a shawarma,a business plan, the costs in which must be strictly planned, should include the lease or purchase of the premises. Most of the existing points of sale make support for the activities in the stall. Its design allows you to create compliance with the requirements of SanPIN, and also use space intelligently, minimizing the cost of renting space.

The next stage is equipment

business plan shawarma with calculations

How to create an actual business plan for Shawarma? A sample, based on which the method of making various adjustments can be made based on the characteristics of each locality, will always include several main points. However, it should be clarified: equipment in almost all cases will be standard.

The main list includes:

- Rotisserie for roasting meat. This equipment, although it ishighly specialized, affordable to purchase in all cities. There are skewers from different manufacturers, but the principle of the device is always the same type of stove.

- Waffle maker. This conditional term is calleddevice, with which the pressing of the finished shawarma is carried out with subsequent frying. The ribbed surface of the waffle maker creates a special pattern on the pita bread, similar to a grill.

- Fridge. In the refrigerator will be stored meat, vegetables,sauces and so on. It is necessary to clarify the possibility of commodity proximity, so that from the point of view of the correctness of storage of products, the inspecting authorities have no questions. If it is necessary to create a differentiation, it will be necessary to purchase two refrigerators.

Additional equipment and inventory

how to open a shawarma business plan costs

All of the above equipment is not sufficient to make a full-fledged business plan for a tent with a shawarma. In addition, the following kitchen utensils should be added:


- dishes;

- cutting boards;

- containers for storage;

- scales.

Also, you should consider the method of submission. In most cases, it takes place with the help of packaging in a disposable cellophane bag, which is supplemented with a napkin. In other cases, the prepared dish is served on a plate. It should be understood that a full serving will be impossible, since we are talking about a dish, the use of which basically occurs on the go.

Communication and creation of conditions

stall with shaurma business plan

To prepare shaurma, in addition to the simplestequipment and a few accompanying equipment, you will only need electricity. Other communications are connected at will. Speaking about the full-fledged production process, water supply should be taken into account - without it, it will not be possible to work with food products on site. Luckily, in the modern world, bringing communications together is quite simple. Of course, it is much quicker to connect the electricity than to connect the water supply, however, both manipulations are carried out at rather budgetary prices and in a short time.

Design Features

business plan of tent with shawarma

As the main direction, whichadheres to the business plan - shaurma, should make support for stimulation of appetite. If we consider this question from the point of view of psychology, red color is an amazing effect for perception. It causes hunger, increasing the desire to make purchases. No wonder the word "red" has the meaning "beautiful"!

A little tip: in no case should not copy the already well-known in this area brands. In addition to a foolish attempt to match other people's ideals, you can get sued for using someone else's work for your own mercenary purposes. Since the only thing that considers our business plan - shaurma, it will be appropriate to create an attractive signboard that shows a tasty product sold in this place. It is worthwhile to hire a team of professional photographers and designers to create your own style - these costs will pay off completely, since the initial external attractiveness of the business that you present will depend on its future fate.

Drawing up the list of expenses

ready business plan shaurma

So, the business plan (shaurma - a product that wewe will produce and sell) consists of the above parts, the analysis of the cost of which can reveal the secret of the full list of costs for the implementation of the business. The main parts of the standard calculation will be as follows:

- Rent a stall - 10-50 thousand rubles a month, depending on the place;

- purchase of a stall - 130-250 thousand, depending on the area, as well as the place of trade;

- Rent of land - 2-5 thousand rubles a month;

- purchase of the main equipment: oven for frying - 100 thousand, waffle iron - 35 thousand, refrigerator - 30 thousand, kitchen equipment - 5 thousand;

- may additionally require the purchase of furniture (countertops, chairs), the average cost of which varies from 10 to 40 thousand rubles;

- conducting communications - 5-10 thousand rubles.

Additional costs may include:
- Creation of design - from 5 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the idea being implemented.

You should immediately be ready to purchasenecessary raw materials (about 5 thousand rubles). If you plan to hire personnel, you should take care of the upcoming salary in advance (about 20 thousand rubles), since the first month of work will be in the test mode and, most likely, the profit will not be enough to cover the full costs.

Thus, the most budgetary opening planimplies costs of 227 thousand rubles. The maximum option, which includes not rent, and the purchase of a stall, will include 600 thousand rubles.


Calculation of payback is an extremelydifficult, as everything is tied up by providing up-to-date data on the possible level of business popularity. As an evaluation criterion, it is possible to take as a basis already existing business of this direction, working a certain period of time in a place whose patency is similar to yours. At calculations it is necessary to clean about 20 percent as this sum - profit from constant buyers. The new business will accumulate them for about a year.


The effectiveness of this business is fullydepends on an integrated approach. Its implementation will be successful only with the guarantee of the correctness of counting for the creation of a start, as well as in accordance with quality standards. If you produce a truly delicious shawarma, buyers will turn a blind eye to an unintelligent design, as well as flaws in the interior decoration of the stall. Act wisely, and you will succeed!

Thus, the dish of fast food shaurma can becomea brilliant start to create an amazingly productive business. As for the prospects, then in the future it is possible to open a network of kitchens, in which a shawarma that has already become popular will be produced. And adding a highlight to your dish, you can truly conquer the hearts of fans of this oriental dish, which takes its roots from the far shores of the Black Sea.