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How to pay for parking in the center of St. Petersburg: instructions for payment in St. Petersburg

Increasingly, citizens arepay parking in the center of St. Petersburg. The point is that this process is extremely important. Especially for those who are constantly in the center of the city. In Moscow, a system of paid parking lots with special methods of payment has long been effective, and successfully. And in St. Petersburg, in the center, too, was introduced a similar method. It helps to unload parking spaces. After all, there are a lot of cars in big cities. In order not to stop anywhere, just pay parking space. By the way, in the center of St. Petersburg you can not stop the vehicle where you want. For this, as already mentioned, there are specially designated places. Therefore it is required to learn about all the features of payment for parking in St. Petersburg. Is the center now only paid places to stop the transport? How much does parking cost? And how to pay it in this or that case? Understand all this easier than it seems.

Myth or Reality

To begin with it is necessary to understand, how much parking incenter of St. Petersburg, which requires payment, is real. Maybe, without any problems, everyone has the right to a free stoppage of the vehicle?

how to pay for parking in the center of St. Petersburg

In general, there is such an opportunity. But at the same time it is worth paying attention to the fact that parking (the city of St. Petersburg - this is the area in question) in the center of the studied area is only paid. The zone, of course, is limited.

In other words, in St. Petersburg there are paidparking, and free. Speaking about the central part of the city, it is worth noting that there are exclusively paid places to stop the car. Before you use them, you have to pay the parking space. But how exactly? And what other features should every citizen know about the issue under study?

Operating mode

It is worth paying attention to the fact that parking in the center of St. Petersburg is available at certain intervals according to certain rules. Every citizen needs to know about them. Why?

It's all about what can be done in the pilot zone of paidparking spaces at a certain time to stay absolutely free. And it does not matter, a day off, whether it's a holiday or a weekday. The main thing is to know the mode of parking.

In the center of St. Petersburg without paying you can leaveThe vehicle is in one place or another every day from 8 pm to 8 am. More precisely, from 20:01 to 7:59. It is during this period of time that parking is not required.

The rest of the time you need to think about how to payparking in the center of St. Petersburg. That is, the money for stopping the transport will have to be given from 8:00 to 20:00 inclusive. Remember the mode of parking is not as difficult as it seems.

parking payment


How much does parking cost? Day or evening is not so important. It has already been said that at night you will not have to pay for the vehicle left in one place or another. And how much do citizens in St. Petersburg pay for parking from morning till evening time, up to the established restrictions?

All depends on several factors. For example, what kind of payment is involved. In St. Petersburg it is allowed or to conduct hourly payment, or buy season tickets for parking. Also, attention should be paid to such a factor as the category of the vehicle. It also plays a role.

So how much do citizens payparking in the center of St. Petersburg? How to pay them is a completely different matter. Depending on the vehicle category, the following hourly rates can be taken into account:

  • 30 rubles - categories A and M.
  • 60 rubles - B.
  • 120 rubles - cars of category C.

Accordingly, subscriptions for a month / year will cost the inhabitant of Peter in:

  • 6 000/54 000 rubles.
  • 12 000/108 000 rubles.
  • 24 000/216 000 rubles.

In fact, it is the subscription payment optionparking is most interesting to the public. If you want to buy the possibility of parking at any time for several months, it is enough to multiply the indicated monthly tariffs for the duration of use (in months) of parking. And pay a fee in this or that amount. That is, if you want to park on a motorbike for 2 months, you need to pay 12 000.

paid parking in the center of St. Petersburg how to pay

On the methods of payment (briefly)

What else to pay attention to? Now you can learn in more detail how to pay parking in the center of St. Petersburg. In fact, there are a lot of options. Therefore, in the first place, it is recommended to learn about them in general terms. After that, each component should be considered in more detail.

Parking (St. Petersburg, the center - the pilot zone includes 27 central streets) can be paid for:

  • through parking lots;
  • via SMS-request;
  • transfer from the parking account;
  • via mobile application;
  • by using a parking ticket (subscription).

Which option to choose? Everyone decides for himself. There is no significant difference. The main thing is that everything happens quickly. Now you can study each method separately.

Time is limited

But what other features are hidden in the studiedparking? The time for making money for stopping a vehicle at one place or another is limited. If you can not keep within the established limits, cars can write a penalty. Evacuation of transport is not provided for such a violation.

parking time

The time during which you have to payparking, - 15 minutes. The countdown begins when the vehicle is parked. After paying for a particular period, it is also necessary to leave the parking space for a certain time. This takes 10 minutes. When does the countdown begin? After the time for which money was deposited expired.

Cancel payment

In some cases, you can interrupt parking ahead of schedule. Then the money will be returned in one form or another to the citizen. In what situations is this possible?

For example, if payment is made throughparking portal or by mobile application. The parking time is rounded to the next hour (that is, to the big side), then the rest of the money is returned to the driver. Very comfortably.

Early on you can stop parking athelp SMS request. But then the money does not return to the account. And this feature should be taken into account first. In fact, nothing difficult or special in paying and stopping parking is not.


The last feature is benefits. They have a central parking. A place to stop the car on a free basis in "business" time is provided to all benefits. To whom exactly?

Preferential categories of the population include:

  1. Former residents of the besieged Leningrad, veterans of the Second World War, former underage prisoners of concentration camps. It is important that they live in the parking area.
  2. Large families. One of the parents is offered the right of free parking in the center of St. Petersburg. The main thing is that the family should have at least 3 children, including adopted children. Important: citizens must have a St. Petersburg residence permit.
  3. People with disabilities. If a citizen is registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and has 1 or 2 disability groups. Also, the right of free parking is left for the representative of a minor disabled person.

All the rest must pay for parking. The exception is the previously specified intervals. But how to pay for parking in the center of St. Petersburg? Now it is possible to consider in more detail the previously mentioned methods.

parking space center

The parking machine

Everything begins with the parking machine. The most simple solution for those who need to leave the car for a while in the city center. Near the entrance to the parking lot there are parking lots. These are special machines that accept bank cards. In fact, payment is not made by cash.

It is required to insert bank plastic into the parking lot, then select "Parking payment", dial parking and car number, then enter information about the duration of the stop and confirm the operation.

Mobile app

The next rather interesting technique isuse of a mobile phone to pay for parking in the center of St. Petersburg. For this you have to download a specialized program. The application is called "Parkings of St. Petersburg". Suitable for iOS, Windows and Android.

The second stage is registration in the system. After that the program "Payment for parking" will appear in the program. Working with him is easy. After the authorization in the program, you need to select the appropriate menu item, set the parking parameters with the number of the car, then the mobile operation is confirmed. With the SIM card will be written off funds. Without authorization, you can only use the parking card.

SMS to help

How to pay for parking in the center of St. Petersburg? It has already been said that you can use SMS-request. A message of one type or another is generated, then it is sent to short numbers.

parking city

The system of query formation is as follows:

  • p78 * parking lot number * car numbers * hours - parking payment;
  • p78 * hours - extension;
  • p78 * s or p78 * S - parking interruption.

All messages are sent to number 3116. After the request, you must wait for the notification of the successful execution of a particular operation. In fact, there is nothing difficult or special about this.

Through the site

The penultimate method, which was mentioned, isis the use of the site parking spaces. It is an analog of a mobile application. The citizen will have his own account there, which will allow you to pay parking fees, and also return money for "extra" hours.

You need to register at parking.spb.com / en. Either it is done in advance through the computer, or SMS is sent from the phone to the number 3116 with the text p78-PIN. In any case, after registration, a message with a password will come to your mobile device.

Next you need to login. Login - this is the mobile number, the password is the combination obtained on request. After - select parking, enter the number of the vehicle, as well as the duration of the stop. In the end, there is a write-off of money. Important: the account will have to make money. There are several ways to do this. For example, refill your credit card.


Still, as already mentioned, you can use the subscription. You can buy it either on the Peter parking lot or in the parking management center of St. Petersburg.

parking place

After payment or from the account on the specified earliera web page will be written off money and an electronic subscription will appear, or it will be expressed by a physical carrier - a card that, after parking, is inserted into the parking machine. Perhaps, this is all you need to know about the parking places in St. Petersburg. Now it is clear how you can pay for a stop of a vehicle in the city center. In fact, there are no difficulties.

Important: there is no payment for parking in cash. This is possible only if you purchase a subscription in a specialized service. Such secrets are kept by the Petersburg parking. Payment is possible in several ways, but only in the form of a noncash.