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Airliner Boeing 757-300

Boeing 757-300 is medium- and long-haulpassenger liner, who made the first flight on September 2, 1996. After certification, the aircraft was put into operation by Condor in March 1999. The aircraft is used both on regular flights and by charter flights operators. A large degree of commonality in the structure and operating parameters with other Boeing models makes this aircraft an advantageous option for airlines, allowing the use of already available supplies and pilot teams.

Boeing 757
Boeing 757-300 is an enhanced version of the Boeing757-200. It is 7 meters longer than its prototype, which allows it to take on board 20 percent more passengers and also to increase the cargo compartment volume to 50 percent. Thus, the Boeing 757-300 seats up to 289 passengers in a charter version, having a 10 percent lower cost per passenger per kilometer, the best in this segment of the market. This aircraft is not intended to replace the Boeing 757-200, as one might think. Both models continue to be produced. Boeing 757-300 has the same level of control complexity as the Boeing 767 and, accordingly, can be controlled by pilots of this class vehicles without a long process of retraining.

Boeing 757 location of seats
Boeing 757-300 continues the tradition of reliability andSimplicity of the Boeing 757-200. Both versions have the same dashboard and control system, although some characteristics have been changed. In addition to the increased fuselage, these are new wheels and tires, chassis, rear wheel arch liners, brake and reinforced wing. This model is equipped with eight standard outputs, including four outlets on the wings, one on each side.

The successful design of the Boeing 777 became a prototype forBoeing 757. The location of the seats is chosen in such a way that the interior of the aircraft represents a spacious and convenient space, moreover, perfectly adapted for cleaning. The salon is illuminated by a soft backlight, which, in combination with the smooth lines of the ceiling, creates a pleasant atmosphere. Improved ceiling design also creates additional space for luggage. The air-conditioning system of the passenger compartment has been modified for a larger number of passengers Boeing 757. Passenger reviews assess the positive changes made to the system. In particular, an air-conditioning chamber and more powerful fans were added. Also, the aircraft is equipped with vacuum toilets, which significantly reduces the service time between flights.

Boeing 757 reviews
The instrument panel is designed forwork of two pilots and is equipped with electronic screens. A computerized and fully integrated flight control system provides autonomous maneuvering and control of the aircraft, from takeoff to descent and landing. Combining digital control of navigation, engine power and aircraft control, this system guarantees the selection of the optimum route and, accordingly, the shortest flight time.

The Boeing 757-300 and Boeing 757-200 engines alsoare very similar in characteristics. Powerful two-circuit turbines produced by Rolls-Royce or Pratt & Whitney make these aircraft one of the most economical and best in terms of noise performance.