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Social projects. Ideas of social projects for young people

Social projects, the ideas of which were embodied in thelife, can be distinguished first of all according to the priority goal that they pursue. In the second they differ in the degree and quality of influence on the life of society.

socially significant ideas projects

It is fair to say that the ideas of social projects cover many spheres of human life. It is not always possible to observe the "ideality" of the priority goals.

Priorities and objectives

socially significant ideas projects

Social projects, whose ideas can be calledgenuinely social, priority goals have, as it is commonly believed, a significant improvement in the life of society. For example, in summer many active and enterprising people organize and successfully hold a city social project called "Ran" for several years already. The essence of it is described in more detail below, and now it is important to mention the results. More than 100 000 people voluntarily took part in this kind of project in a single city of a million people. More than half of the people reached the finish line, running more than 300 kilometers in total for 3 months! Social projects, whose ideas meet such a response, really change the life of society for the better.

One can only imagine how many people have becomeit is healthier, what beneficial influence is exerted on the younger generation by running parents or relatives. As a result of participating in the project, many people have a useful habit of engaging themselves and their health systematically. They will appear and new friends-like-minded people, with whom it is easier and more fun to move forward.

"Antisocial" project

socially significant ideas projects

"Trolley bus of happiness" - this name hasimplemented in practice, "social" project, which even took prizes in the competition on this topic. Its stated goals are the modernization of the system of higher education through the development of an ecosystem of innovations.

The leaders of the project, based on the publishedinformation, set themselves rather prosaic tasks. Realizing the "Trolleybus of Happiness", they wanted to activate the educational process, conduct training for masters and publicly defend themselves in the competition of similar projects.

What in deed

ideas of social projects for young people

In fact, the university turned to the electric power companywith the proposal: "And let us decorate our trolleybuses with the forces of our students, and together we will call this all a social project?". No sooner said than done. 4 trolleybuses were allocated, students in their spare time free of charge issued them, invited musicians, wrote to the press - it's ready! 4 motley trolley bus, really beautiful, ride around the city and are mobile mini-exhibitions of various themes - festive, romantic, patriotic ...

How has the life of the city changed? Basically no.How did the spent energy and money of people, students, teachers modernize the higher education system? Basically no. How has the system of eco-innovations developed with the help of a trolleybus that has existed for more than 100 years? It is for certain unknown. Has the life of the city significantly improved as a result of the project? It's hardly like that.

Common alternative

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"Ran" - one of the real projects thatcould be called truly social. The essence of it is that the person who wants to run in the morning is registered in social networks. He makes a certain small monetary contribution and then runs 100 days in a row.

After each lesson, according to the rules of the project,you need to upload your photos "in the process" and the chosen route. In the absence of such "evidence", the participant was excluded without a refund. Of course, the rules also provided for such various small details as skipping jogging for a good reason and other similar moments, but the basic rules are simple as two and two.

After the project, the available amount of money wasis divided among the remaining participants. Interestingly, they received back an amount 50% higher than the amount that was paid. Many after the project did not leave their useful habits and continued to run the established groups and without the project, waiting for the next mass "race". So with the help of the project, people became healthier and the society united, and a growing example was given to the younger generation.

More examples

"Nightingale" and "Virtual Market" - socialprojects, ideas and examples of which could also be attributed to truly social. They are realized at the expense of charitable organizations and when using the intellectual resource of youth.

The first project is a network of sheltersfor the homeless. A map has been created showing specific addresses of places where you can eat, sleep or get medical or legal help. For multimillion-dollar megacities, such a project significantly improves the social situation - fewer robberies occur, the overall crime rate decreases, and the burden on the law enforcement agencies is less. In addition, the project allows more or less tolerably to control the situation with the homeless in the city and even in some way influences the situation.

The second project allows you to place and seeon the interactive map of the city requests for help. It would seem that nothing like this. Who is interested in this? But in fact the application turned out to be very in demand - because it solved the main communication problem, connecting those who need help and those who can provide it. Moreover, anyone can join the project. He will be aware of the requests around him and will have a convenient opportunity to take help in case of anything.

The sphere of youth

An important role in the popularization of social projectsplay ideas of social projects aimed at students and students. They allow to increase employment of this active stratum of the population, develop a sense of patriotism and show personal potential in many spheres.

It should be noted that the ideas of social projects foryouth are diverse. They concern, for example, the scope of work. This organization of construction teams or activities to prevent child neglect and juvenile delinquency. Projects can be aimed at resting young people, intercultural interaction and promoting healthy lifestyles in practice.

The sphere of culture

Ideas of social projects in the sphere of culture

Ideas of social projects, examples of which can be found in the sphere of culture, are usually the most notable. They are supported by the state with the help of government grants.

It can not always be called creative socialProjects whose ideas relate to this topic. The events concern the support of the library, museum and club (entertainment) spheres. For the younger generation, the idea of ​​social projects in the sphere of culture is critically important.

This creates an additional platform for developmentas personal talents, for example, in the field of music or singing, and also develops communication skills. Sometimes there is an opportunity to travel and get new knowledge. It is worth noting socially significant projects, whose ideas inspire talented young people, allow us to reveal potential and talent. Often this is a television show.

At the junction of the concepts of "youth" and"Culture" are also social projects, the ideas of which are not original. This is an educational excursion. Such projects provide an opportunity for young people to really expand their horizons and ideas about the surrounding reality.