/ How to open an auto parts store: rules and tips

How to open an auto parts store: rules and tips

In the modern world, probably, there is no sucha person who does not want to do his own business, regularly making a profit. That's just what sphere to choose, so as not to lose? Nowadays it is quite difficult to open a car dealer from scratch. Every year the turnover of the transport market is increasing. At the same time, the quality of the assembly of cars only decreases. Today many external and internal parts are made not of metal, but of plastic. This, accordingly, leads to early wear. But if you look at this question from the other side, then this trend is only beneficial to the sellers of spare parts. So how to open an auto parts store from scratch? It is necessary to understand that to create such an expensive project will require considerable resources.

Financial security

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So, we open the auto parts store.Where to begin? To purchase goods, it is necessary to postpone most of the initial budget of the enterprise. Quite a lot of businessmen who already faced this issue say that the cost of opening a store pays off in about a couple of years. Initially, you need to invest at least a million rubles. In the event that you do not have the right amount, you can take a loan from the bank. For small entrepreneurs, special conditions apply. If cooperation with financial institutions does not appeal to you, you can turn to friends and acquaintances.

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a car dealer

As for the main advantages, they can becarry constant demand. Auto parts are needed at any time. As for the shortcomings, then you can bring a long payback period. Also there is a risk of incorrect selection of assortment. To avoid such a problem, every month, it is necessary to analyze and correct the list of goods presented in the store.

First stage

So, what do you need to open an auto parts store? Most issues can be solved at the planning stage. Here is a standard algorithm for creating a business in this area.

The simplest type of design in this casewill be the creation of IP. It is quite simple to register, it is enough to issue some documents. In addition, this form of doing business can significantly reduce the cost of paying taxes. Many banks have special loan conditions for individual entrepreneurs.

Before opening a store, you need todetermine the choice of the area. Also, you may want to specialize in specific brands of cars. It is better, of course, to select a premise located near the central streets. But you can also look at the options located in the sleeping areas. Excellent for this purpose fit areas located near refueling, washing or service stations.

Recommendations for choosing a room

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How to open an auto parts store for cars?The main factor that is taken into account when choosing a room is the budget. If you want to offer a wide range of products, then you can use an office area of ​​30 to 50 square meters. With limited financial possibilities, it is better to select a room with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters. After a while, if the business goes uphill, you can rent a bigger store. But also to start business in a half-empty huge trading hall too not the best variant.

Staff recruitment

How to open an auto parts store?Who should work there? For successful trading, you will definitely need professional consultants who specialize in selling automotive parts. Not bad, if they will understand how the car is arranged. In this case, if you are contacted by a client who does not know how exactly the right part is called, your specialist in the description of the breakdown will be able to figure out what exactly is required. Such a seller will help you earn positive feedback.


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An important stage that goes through all openthe shops. Auto parts for foreign cars are very popular goods, but additional advertising does not hurt. It is necessary to think in advance of the location of banners and signage. Then on the first day of work your institution will be popular. You can also make a temporary sign showing prices for some items of goods. This will help attract the attention of potential buyers.

Price policy

Today you can often hear this phrase: "I want to open an auto parts store." But how to do that? How to think ahead of all the points? An important issue is price policy. You can walk through the nearest auto parts stores and explore the range. You can just record all the prices, and put it in your little lower. At first glance, it may seem that this is nothing special, but people react even to a small difference in value.

Features of the opening of its auto parts store

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There is an exemplary instruction, using which you can quickly open a truck parts store.

Let's imagine the steps that need to be taken to create a business:

  1. Registration as an IP.
  2. Legal registration of activities by classifier.
  3. Conduct a study of consumer demand in the opening area of ​​the store. You can just walk around the area and see what cars are found in it more often.
  4. Think about whether your store will specialize in a particular type of parts or manufacturer.
  5. To establish cooperation with official suppliers of spare parts.
  6. Select and rent a room under the shopping pavilion.
  7. Hire the work of sellers and a competent accountant.
  8. Equip the premises (for this you will need racks, counter, cash register, computer, program for accounting, alarm system).
  9. Think about the distribution of advertising posters and banners. To inform the population of the district about the opening of the outlet, you can use the services of promoters.
  10. Purchase of goods and placing it in the trading floor.
  11. The first customers of the store can present discount cards or useful car goods.

Auto parts store: how to get the maximum profit?

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Is it profitable today to sell parts at all? The answer to this question will be positive. Every year more and more people change to personal vehicles. The state of Russian roads every spring leaves much to be desired. Therefore, at this time often breakages occur. If in winter the car spends most of the time on the street, then in the spring it may also need repairs. The payback of an enterprise will depend on the location of the store.

Business plan

An important stage in the opening of my case isdrawing up a business plan. It will help all the expenses that are necessary at the initial stage. As a rule, it includes standard items, which are necessarily taken into account when opening a shopping pavilion. If you are interested in how to open an online auto parts store from scratch, here the list of the main activities in the business plan will be slightly different.

Main stages

Suppose you have all the necessary elementsto create your own business. How to open an auto parts store? First of all, you need to apply to the tax office. To form as an individual entrepreneur, you need to pay a state fee. After completing all the bureaucratic procedures, you should find a suitable room. When you decide on the location of the trading floor, you should agree on the purchase of goods. Also at this stage you will have to decide on the source of finance: whether you will use your own funds or use credit. Then you can start the enterprise.

Auto parts store: the purpose of creation

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The main objective of this type of business is toin the sale of goods. Spare parts should not lie long on the shelves. Then you can achieve greater profits. The initial costs associated with opening an auto parts store can be significant. But do not bring to the extreme, and mortgage an apartment under your business. It is better to start with a small retail outlet, and when the business goes on up the hill, already think about expanding. Ideally, you must provide your customers with high quality goods at minimal cost. This is the condition for obtaining the maximum income.

Working platform

Before you start doing something,conduct a market analysis in the area where you are going to open a store. Perhaps, there are already a lot of outlets selling similar products. Then, in order to lure customers, you will have to greatly underestimate the price. The payback period of the business will increase substantially. Also pay attention to the area of ​​the shopping pavilion. It should be enough to accommodate goods. If at first you can not place the assortment correctly, create a website with a catalog of all products on the Internet. Also it is necessary to think about the organization of delivery. This is especially true when it comes to the purchase of tires or batteries.


Here the main thing is to distinguish between spare parts and consumablesmaterials. The latter should always be available. The rest of the goods may depend on the specialization of your outlet. Over the assortment you need to think about before opening the store. If you decide to trade exclusive goods, then be prepared for the fact that you need a delivery service.

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You will also have to monitor the market regularly andadjust the range. It is necessary to think over a system of discounts for regular customers. There are many opportunities to attract potential customers. The most popular of them are the distribution of leaflets and other promotional materials on the streets of the city. Do not underestimate the group in social networks. These resources are now a good channel for advertising distribution. You can also create your own website with a catalog of products.


How to open an auto parts store? We examined the main issues related to this topic. As it turned out, the very process of opening a car dealer does not require special skills and serious legal training. The main thing is to formalize the IP, conclude contracts for the supply of various goods and hire qualified employees. The success of an enterprise will depend on many factors, from the location of the store to its specialization.