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Rules for the carriage of passengers, luggage and hand luggage

Rules for the carriage of passengers, baggage, cargoand hand luggage by rail transport are represented by legal acts that contain norms mandatory for all carriers, owners of infrastructures, senders, recipients, passengers and other individuals and legal entities. They regulate the conditions of transportation by rail, land and air transport of passengers, baggage and hand luggage. The rules for the carriage of passengers, cargo and luggage for the personal needs of passengers, other than business, are regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation. They indicate items, the carriage of which is prohibited as hand luggage, baggage and cargo. The procedure for the inclusion in the train of mail cars and the procedure for the transportation of postal items is regulated by the federal executive body. At the same time, the executive power of the railway transport coordinates this aspect with federal executive bodies in the field of postal items and communications.

Basic rules of transportationpassengers-servicemen are regulated by the Charter of military and special rail transportation, approved by the Government of Russia and other regulatory acts. At the same time, centralized transport of special and military purposes is carried out taking into account the safety of traffic, as well as non-disclosure of state secrets. Passengers who use the services of transportation or dispatch of luggage that are not related to entrepreneurial activity enjoy all the rights provided for by the Russian legislation on the protection of consumers' rights.

Acquisition, operation and maintenanceSpecial wagons for convicts and persons in custody are regulated by the federal law, where the allocation of funds from the federal budget for the specified purposes is prescribed. In turn, carriers and infrastructure owners provide appropriate conditions for the transport of convicts and persons in custody. Rules for the air transportation of passengers, cargo and luggage are carried out by aviation companies for a fee. Other organizations that have aviation transport can carry passengers and cargo for personal purposes, except for cases that fall under the prohibition of federal legislation.

The company, which deals with bus,railway and air transportation is obliged to have a license - permission to transport passengers and cargo, which is carried out by state and federal authorities. The rules for the carriage of passengers provide for the issuance of a license for a period of not less than five years, which may subsequently be extended at the request of the licensee. In order to obtain a license, the applicant must provide the following documents to the licensing authority: copies of documents on TIN and state registration, copies of constituent documents, information on the level of professional training of employees, a receipt for payment of a license fee and a statement in an arbitrary form.

For providing misrepresented information orUnreliable sources The license applicant in accordance with Russian law is liable. Within 30 days from the date of submission to the licensing authorities, a decision is taken to issue, renew a license or refuse to grant a license for international carriage of goods, luggage and passengers. Reason for refusal to obtain permission to transport passengers may be incorrect information provided to licensing authorities, or inconsistency of used facilities, transportation, qualifications of employees to license conditions and requirements.