/ / Concept and indicators of product quality.

Concept and indicators of product quality.

Products can meet the needspeople only if they have the quality that determines its purpose. Quality - this is one of the most important indicators of the enterprise. In the current market conditions, the constant improvement of product quality strongly determines the increase in the efficiency of production itself, the pace of technical progress, the adaptation of all types of enterprises in a competitive environment, and the introduction of innovations.

Quality - a set of properties of products,which stipulate its ability to meet specific needs in accordance with its purpose, what is the degree of its suitability. Any product has a set of chemical, physical, biological and other properties that determine its purpose.

Concept and indicators of product qualityare fixed in international standards. In general, products are nothing but the result of a process. It is classified into four categories. The first is services. In this case, we mean the result of at least one activity, which is necessarily carried out in the process of interaction between the customer and the supplier.

The second category is intellectual products.It contains intangible information and takes the form of various approaches to solving organizational and production problems, business agreements and methodologies.

The third category is technical means. They are material and their number is a quantitative characteristic (for example, four passenger cars).

The fourth category is the processed means. They are material, and in order to express their quantitative characteristics, as a rule, they resort to volume measurement, weighing and so on.

Main indicators of product quality -safety, durability, reliability, transportability and others. In today's market, the quality of products is assessed on the basis of indicators that reflect the competitiveness of products, both on the domestic and foreign markets.

The indicators of product quality have differentclassification by different features. So by the number of properties that they reflect, there are single indicators, complex and integral. At the stages of product definition, currently, indicators such as production, design, forecast and operational indicators are singled out.

Product quality indicators are used independing on the specific needs. They should be decisive for this or that branch. Suppose, if the goal is safety of operation, then such indicator as reliability is used.

Quality is a variable quantity thatdepends on the discipline of labor, the qualification level of workers, as well as the level of technology and technology used. Indicators of product quality are private and general. The latest indicators of product quality characterize its quality regardless of the purpose and type. But the private indicators of production characterize the consumer and its technical properties of enterprises of different economic sectors.

At the enterprises are created, and then are introducedsystem of quality, mainly as a means, which is called upon to ensure the implementation of an appropriate policy in the field of achieving strategic goals and quality.

Quality is also a degree that islimit so that the totality of its own characteristics meets the requirements. Characteristic is the distinctive feature of the product, which can be quantitative and qualitative, appropriated and own.