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Pharmaceutical production: features, trends, investment

Without exaggeration, we can say that providingcitizens medicines and preparations is an important component of the national security of the state. And pharmaceutical production is the most important socially significant branch of the economy.

Government support

To date, the social significance of suchproducts, like pharmaceuticals, the production of which is established on the territory of our country, has reached such a level that the government is forced to pay serious attention to projects involving the development of this industry. It should be noted that in recent years a number of policy documents have been adopted that facilitate the organization and development of production, including pharmaceutical substances, but the situation in this area is still not encouraging, and that's why.

pharmaceutical production

Important features of the industry

Pharmaceutical production has its own characteristics. They are represented by:

  • high science-intensive production;
  • a significant duration of the development of new medicinal components, as well as the corresponding drugs;
  • a long life cycle of drugs, including all stages - the development, production and sale of products;
  • nature, as well as the duration of the production cycle required for the production of finished products;
  • a wide variety of types of technological processes, which are used in such a sphere as the production of pharmaceutical substances;
  • a wide variety of types of raw materials and materials, as well as equipment used in the production cycle;
  • multistage technological processes.


From the point of view of a potential investor,the production of pharmaceutical products has a number of distinctive features. And the main negative points, which are worth paying attention to, look like this:

  1. Higher investment attractivenessproduction of finished products, that is, drugs, in comparison with the production of medicinal substances. This trend was formed under the influence of modern economic conditions. This fact can be explained by the high material and energy intensity of production of standardized semi-finished products, which led to a decrease in the profitability of their output, and sometimes to the loss of such production.
  2. The growth of the cost of material resources in the lasttime, which caused a significant increase in the cost of substances produced in the territory of our country. The consequence of this is an increase in the prices for them to a level exceeding the world one. Such trends have led to the fact that pharmaceutical production has become unable to offer competitive products.
  3. Provision to foreign manufacturers of lightaccess to the pharmaceutical market of our country. This created colossal competition for each domestic manufacturer, which is not able in most cases to resist the active expansion of inexpensive substances of low quality to the domestic market.

pharmaceutical preparations manufacture

Main trends in the pharma market

According to some estimates, the volume of the pharma market, based on the results oflast years, in our country reaches 1 trillion rubles. At the same time, domestic medicines in the total volume of sold products of this type make up only about 25%, in monetary terms and about 60% - in natural quantities.

Sharp questions

To date, one of the most acuteissues that are of concern to those interested in the development of domestic pharmaceutical production of persons, is the origin of standardized semi-finished products, which are the basis for the production of ready-made medicines in the territory of our state. Unfortunately, the conclusions of experts do not inspire optimism to domestic producers. Pharmaceutical production of medicinal components in our country is practically not developed.

production of pharmaceutical products

Import of pharmaceuticals

As for imports, in recent years there has been a situation when about 80% of the volume of imported pharmaceutical substances in monetary terms is occupied by Germany, France, Italy and China.

It is noteworthy that, when considering naturalexpressing the volume of imports, completely different figures are obtained. So, its largest share for today is China - it is more than 70% of the total volume. Considering the ratio of specific shares calculated by natural and value indicators, it can be concluded that the substances produced in this country are characterized by a much lower price, compared with similar products from other countries.

production of pharmaceutical substances

What is imported

Import mainly relates to componentsvery long known drugs, represented by acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol, metamizol sodium, metformin, ascorbic acid and others, in demand from the population mainly due to low cost, by means.

An expert assessment indicates that the share produced at domestic enterprises is characterized by a negligible figure, in 8-9% of the total volume of the pharmaceutical market.

pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies


Probably, the above facts allowto confirm the obviousness of the need to restore the production volumes of the products in question. The technology of pharmaceutical production of substances must be restored and applied in full. The development of this sphere is necessary first of all in order to ensure the national security of the state.

Such statements are not at all empty words. Many manufacturers are faced with the fact of providing the domestic economy with substances from foreign suppliers on a residual basis. And this can not but cause concern.