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Car sale at Karpreis: reviews

In the automotive sphere, you can find manycompanies involved in organizing the sale and purchase of transport. They all operate in different ways: some provide purely intermediary services, allowing to place ads on widely advertised sites; Others help to realize the vehicle to other companies - car dealerships, dealer centers and the like.

Such an activity model will be discussed in thisarticle. Your attention is offered to the company "Karpreis". Reviews of those who managed to sell their car with it, as well as information about the work in this firm will be told today.

The essence of the work

So, the company, judging by the information on the officialsite, mediates between buyers and sellers of cars by holding special auctions (trades) for each specific lot. Thus, the owner of transport has a real opportunity to sell his car quickly and easily. The customer reviews posted on the website "Karpreis" confirm this.

Karprais reviews

You ask:"Who can buy a car so quickly?". We answer: according to the rules of the service, on the side of the buyer can act legal entities who are interested in trade in used cars. That is, we are talking about resellers, car dealerships with used cars, simple companies working in this area. As practice shows, all of them are constantly following the novelties of "Karprais.ru" (reviews that sellers leave, are that evidence). Due to the constant monitoring of new products, buyers are trying to get a lot with the best price. The owner of the car is, of course, on hand.


The benefit that the owner receives from the service,is obvious. Cooperation with "Karpreis" (the reviews confirm this) can significantly speed up the procedure of "getting rid" of your car. This is approximately as follows: you need to drive the car to one of the centers of the company, where 40 minutes (maximum - one hour) will further evaluate it. After that, a price fork will be formed in the center, within which trades will be conducted.

reviews «Карпрайс»

The buyers are always there (after all, as it was noted, other companies that sell cars constantly monitor the offers).

Next, the auction takes place, during which thethe cost of the machine that a particular customer is offering. The rest is for Karpreis. The responses are noted: the employees of the center inform all the information to the owner of the car, they propose to him to make a deal, after which the car is taken away, it is renewed within an hour.


As you understand, without the negative sides the work of any company can not do. The same applies to "Karprais.ru" (car sales). Feedback will help to identify them in the writing of this article.

«Karprais.ru» car sale

Well, you can start, perhaps, with the price.Many sellers say that it significantly understates the cost of the car to "weld" on it in addition. This is done approximately according to this scheme: the price of the machine is reported to the customer (the owner) is known to be lowered. The money that makes up the difference between it and the amount that is paid by the buyer goes to the company itself.

Of course, this is not read on the sitecompany, and its employees will never tell about such manipulations. This information is provided by those who have worked through "Karpreis". The reviews were written by people who personally checked how much their car is bought for. They describe the schemes through which the purchase / sale service has a fairly high profit purely through deception. And, unfortunately, such cases are not single.

In addition, even if we assume that this is -not true, and in fact, "Karprais" really works only as an objective and transparent intermediary, - the prices that are offered to car owners are greatly underestimated. The explanation is simple: the company provides quick repurchase services. For this, the seller of the machine pays, who is interested in speed.

Customer Testimonials

"Карпрайс.ру" reviews

As a whole about "Карпрайс.ru "(car sales) reviews are varied. After all, in fact, everything depends on the goals pursued by the owner of the machine. If a person urgently needs to sell his vehicle, even the low cost of buying it will not stop him. Otherwise, if you, as the owner of the car, are in no hurry, then you do not need to use the services of the company. It will be much more profitable to contact other services that help to sell. We'll talk about them at the end of the article.

In all other respects, the reviews do not differ with anything special - the procedure for decorating the car is simple, the evaluation here also passes transparently and "without surprises".

What cars do not take?

It would not hurt to clarify that beforefor the auction, as already noted, the cars undergo a special assessment, which allows you to generate their value and understand whether the car can be sold or not. Therefore, of course, there are rules and restrictions that preclude the possibility of selling some machines.

In particular, we are talking about documentary problems. As the reviews show, Karpreis refuses to accept a car that was not registered with the current owner in the traffic police. With this, the company, obviously, has developed a strict policy, which will protect against such questionable transactions.

Another example is the refusal to work with the owner of the car, which is in too bad a condition.

"Карпрайс" employee reviews


Of course, do not forget that in anythere is an alternative. Even if you read the reviews left on the network, "Karprais" is not the only place to sell its vehicles. In order not to bother with the auction, you can simply place an advertisement on a board, like "Avito" and the like. So you get the opportunity to realize auto more expensive. In addition, there is no need to formalize relations with the buyer, as in the case of the service that we are discussing in this article. After all, you can always clarify the reason why, for example, did not have time to re-register your car - and the person who called the announcement will offer their way out of the situation.

sale of cars on "Karpreis" reviews

Employee feedback

To understand how the company works, it would beit is advisable to search for it further and related to "Karpreis" reviews of employees. However, unfortunately, we found very few of them. Doing some kind of evaluation of the activities of the whole company would be wrong. Perhaps, there is so little information on this resource for the reason that the staff in the auction is involved in a minimum. As customers' comments indicate, during the transfer of the vehicle they encountered two or three employees - for example, a manager from the office, a parking service and an auto appraiser. This allows us to conclude that the total number of jobs in the company does not exceed 50 people.

It is obvious that the company is functioning normally,salary issues and customer service. No scandals related to employment, in the media or on sites with reviews were not advertised. Therefore, those who wish can try their hand at this place. At the same time you will learn what the sale of cars to "Karpreis". Of course, they will not disclose such information.


To come here to work, it's enough to fileyour profile (resume), using a special contact form on the company's official website. Here are published those vacancies that are available to the applicant at the moment. For example, at the time of writing, we met ads for the search for a sales manager and a car appraiser.

Karprais reviews how it works

Also on this page you can find a list ofadvantages of working in the company. These include: high wages, a comfortable work schedule, the opportunity for career growth and free education. From ourselves we can add that a person can learn a lot in the world of auto business, settling in "Karpreys". Reviews (how this sphere works, how everything is arranged in it) will not allow you to find out the amount of information that is available in case of personal employment in this company. Therefore, if in doubt - decide!