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Watermelon "light". Cultivation

Growing watermelons is an integral partvegetable growing, especially for those who prefer to indulge himself and pamper his family with this sweet berry. But to get a good harvest, of course, some knowledge and experience will be required.

Watermelon "light". Cultivation

watermelon light growing

First of all we are looking for a suitable place.Watermelon prefers soil after perennial grasses or virgin fallow lands. Excellent watermelons grow even after spring wheat, corn for silage, beans, rice. Perfectly take root after peas, onions or cabbage. But after sunflowers or potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers they grow poorly.

Preparation of land in the European part of Russiaconsists of early spring harrowing and two cultivation of plowland. The first is carried out to a depth of up to 14 centimeters, the second - just before landing at the depth of seeding. If the soil is very dense, instead of the primary cultivation, no-till plowing is carried out for 16 cm.

Ogorodniki also learned to receive excellentharvest. Most often, such a variety as a watermelon "light", the cultivation of which is the easiest task. This variety ripens quite quickly and is well suited for the climate of the middle zone, where there are few warm days. Seeds are bought only the first time, and then you can get by with your own - they ripen perfectly.

Seeds of watermelon

Watermelon "light", the cultivation of which begins withsoaking sunflower seeds, loves warmth. In mid-April, put the seeds in a rag on a saucer, pour some water. To keep the moisture, wrap the saucer with polyethylene. Do not forget to look and water as needed. Soak enough five seeds. If the apartment is cool, you can put a saucer on the battery, and do not close the bag tightly so as not to block the passage of air.

Five days later, a watermelon "flame" begins to erupt. It should immediately be placed in a container for seedlings. When the kids grow up, the seeds of watermelon are planted in separate cups.

After the appearance of leaves (4 pieces), you can drop the kids to a permanent residence. If at night there is no minus on Celsius, safely plant in the open ground.


watermelon twinkle

Prepare in advance wells - shallow pits.Pour in them a teaspoon of superphosphate, a couple of tablespoons of ash, then mix everything with the ground. Pour well with water. After the liquid has gone to the ground, put more humus out of the compost pit. Let the holes last a day, then you can plant the seedlings. After planting, the seedlings must be filled with humus mixed with earth or one earth, slightly pinned and gently poured. They are carefully planted so that the lump with the soil remains intact near the root.

Watermelon "light" - growing begins! Planted, watered, stuck to the shoots on a stick, covered with special material, which crushed the pebbles to the ground, and waiting for a miracle!

Between the seedlings, leave at leastone meter, you can even more. The branches of this berry creep very widely. Pretty soon watermelons will bloom and become tied. When the twigs grow, you need to water more.

If no more frost is expected, remove the material. By the middle of August, start harvesting.