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Minor chicken breed: description, description, content and reviews

Chickens of the Spanish Minorca were importedterritory of Russia in 1885. Until now, it is not found in large chicken poultry farms. They are used only by breeders as genetic material for breeding. The breed is considered very clean, free of impurities and mixing. It is characterized by extraordinary beauty and grace.

Breeding history

Withdrawing the breed of black hens began to be engaged inSpain. On the island of Minorca there were many specimens of these birds. Breeders began to actively work on this genetic material. The scientists of Britain continued their research, having even more cultivated the breed of chicken minors. The description of the course of the experiment shows that the breed was wanted to breed rather fat, but the breeders' expectations were not justified. But they were not very upset, because both eggs and chicken meat were of high quality. The egg-laying level of this breed was also high.

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American scientists conducted a review of the breed of chickensMinorca, the full characteristics of these birds satisfied their requests. They proved that the chickens justify their content in the winter. Eggs during the year are taken down an incredible amount.

Appearance of the breed

The breed of Minorca chickens is characterized by the description of appearancefrom other breeds. She is extraordinarily attractive. It would seem that the plumage is just black, but in the sunlight it shimmers with a green tinge. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see this in photographs. Brightness is present in the color of the crest, and in amazing white catkins. In appearance they represent a beautiful smooth oval. The scallop of a cock leans slightly to the side. The tail is well developed, it has a rather elongated appearance. The chicken is small, has a small, elegant head with a red muzzle in front. Eyes are brown in color. A wide chest and back, as well as powerful wings give this small breed some kind of majesty and pride in bearing. Legs strong and long.

These birds are very mobile.They are shy enough and treat with caution everything new. With a person she does not want to contact, in any form, to take her into the hands of the master will not succeed. You will have to admire and observe from afar. But the fact that other breeds get on well with the breeders will please the breeders, they behave peacefully in the corral.

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Another interesting fact is that, in addition to blackcolor, still there are individuals with white and motley colors. Although they are very rare. In the breed of chicken, a minor description of the appearance is exactly the same, only the front part of the head is yellow, not red, and the beak is yellowish.

Conditions of detention

Before buying, you need to read the terms and conditionskeep and carefully prepare the chicken coop for the chicken minorca. Characteristics of the content can be read in advance. The coop should be insulated, dry, without drafts. An aviary for walking should also be free, it is better to make a canopy from the rain and to cover from a strong wind. Weak places in winter are scallops. Experienced breeders are advised to lubricate their fat in winter. This will save them from frostbite. In the hen-house, high roosts (75 cm from the floor level) are also equipped.


Professional poultry farmers believe that a minor -The breed of chickens, the breeding and keeping of which can bring many difficulties. But it's worth trying, because the chickens are well ridden, their eggs are beautiful, large, shiny, like polished. Buyers appreciate the eggs of this breed. And the meat is notable for its pleasant taste, and the body structure says that the chicken has a large brisket and long large legs.

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In order to select good layers, selectionchickens do very early. The next sample is produced already in appearance. The males grow a scallop at the age of 5 months. Then they select all the females that begin to carry eggs from this age. The first year can collect up to 180 eggs. The weight of the egg reaches 70-80 g, they are white and beautifully shiny. Under good conditions of maintenance and proper nutrition, laying hens can bring eggs in the winter.

For rearing offspring, eggs are taken from onlythose hens that give the eggs a second year. But the instinct of hatching eggs in them is poorly developed, so the best option is to purchase an incubator. Chickens grow very quickly, they are covered with feathers at an early age, they are unpretentious in food.

Breeders use the breed of chicken minorca, itsdescription and dignity, for the breeding and improvement of new breeds, such as Leygorny. In specialized breeding institutes they are kept as a tribal reserve. Scientists continue to work with them on breeding.

Features of feeding

When planning the diet of chicken breedsMinorca description of the content can be found in the special literature. However, it can be noted that they do not need a special diet. Toddlers are fed with grated corn, adding, as usual, a finely chopped egg. Then, chopped greens are added to the chickens' diet. Also for rapid growth, yeast is added. It is useful to give them vegetables, for example, beets, potatoes, carrots. From cereals, you can include in the diet wheat bran. Bone flour or finely ground bones is useful. Thanks to this food, chickens are quickly added in growth.

the breed of chicken minorca its description and dignity

Adult chickens, especially hens, feedadd vitamins. They need food with an easily digestible protein. Used for feeding are ready-made, properly selected feed. They are bought for agricultural birds. The content of this ready-made food includes many micronutrients and vitamins, which are selected by the best specialists. In order to better absorb food in the stomach, as well as to other breeds, minors are added small pebbles or sand. It helps to grind solid grains.

Subspecies of the breed

This breed has three subspecies: Spanish, British and dwarfish. The Spanish breed of chicken minorca description has a standard, that is, black, white earrings, a red front part of the head and a light beak. British breed of chickens description of appearance has another. It is white with white catkins, but the front part of the head is yellow and the beak has a yellowish hue. Dwarfish breed of chicken minorca was bred long ago as a result of breeding. In the course of the experiment, a small breed was produced. Breeders decided to correct the mistake and increase the size of the chicken, but were afraid that the quality of poultry meat would deteriorate and affect the egg production of the breed. Dwarf breed is very rare, it is almost lost sight.

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Also, minors have a great similarity with blackchicken pimutrokami, longshanyami. With Spanish white-collar has a similar earrings, but the Spanish size of white ovals is larger. Chickens also have differences. White coating on the front of the head is the norm in the Spanish white-faced, but if this happens in the minors, then this already indicates a deviation from the norm. By the number of eggs demolished for the year, minors resemble another prolific breed, more common in our country - Leggorn.

Quantitative data

If you are looking for fine layers, then youit is necessary to purchase the breed of chicken minorca. Description, feedback of private traders, containing this breed, only this is confirmed. In a year from one layer you can collect up to 200 eggs.

Minorca breed of chickens breeding and maintenance

This is a very high figure. With proper maintenance and good feeding, they are carried both in summer and in winter. The weight of the chicken reaches 3 kg, the weight of the cock is larger, up to 4 kg. The cleaner the standard form of the chicken, the breed is not mixed, the more eggs the chicken produces.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The main advantages of the breed, of course, arefertility. Early start to carry eggs, from 5 months. They are large and nutritious. Nesushki give eggs all year round. Meat is white and quite tasty. And in the yard they do not quarrel with other birds. The chicks are born strong enough and quickly develop. Have a good percentage of safety.

Of the shortcomings, one can emphasize its caution,timidity and reluctance to communicate with people. Also in winter colds are very afraid. And they are hard to name good mothers. Since this is an artificially derived breed, the maternal instinct is not observed. Chicks have to grow in incubators.

breeds of chicken minorca description reviews

Reviews of Russian breeders

According to the experience of our breeders, the minors are sensitiveto dampness. In rainy and foggy weather, it is better not to release them from the poultry house. In the dark and low-lighted space, the roosters also have thin crests. For minorok bad and when it's cold, and when it's warm. At the selection of advised to pick on the color, so that there are no spots, a touch of other shades. Experienced breeders even carefully consider the color of the claws. It is also advised to have a large paddock. The more space for walking, the better egg laying.

But, despite all the pros and cons, chicken minors are worthy of attention of private breeders. Decorative and beautiful birds will decorate your yard, and the number of eggs will pleasantly please.