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Wedding on the beach in Moscow - it's real!

Wedding in nature - quite natural summer solution. You can go to a country hotel or a boarding house, rent an open veranda or, if you want to note even more dynamically and at ease - celebrate a wedding on the beach.

If you decide to limit yourself to a light cocktail - you can come to any public beach in Moscow, and if you still want to organize a full banquet - it's better rent a beach in Moscow and tent-restaurant for the event.

Honeymoon Clothes: Of course, we will have to abandon the magnificentDresses in the floor and strict tuxedos. But, in fact, the 30 degree heat in them and in the city is not too comfortable. The best solution would be a short and open wedding dress for the bride or a shirt and trousers for the groom. From the heels, it's also better to refuse, preferring them comfortable and beautiful sandals on the low soles.

Outside registration: today this is not a problem, it is possible to order the services of the master of ceremonies, so that everything went really effectively. The cost of professional services in Moscow is about 10.000 rubles.

Organization of banquet - you can, of course, cover tables under the opensky, but it is better to rent a gazebo or a tent to make sure in case the weather deteriorates. In addition, a wedding banquet in a snow-white tent on the river bank is very romantic. The cost of catering services (organization of visiting banquets from 2500 rubles per guest.

Decoration of the site - if you decide to celebrate a wedding in nature, then you can get by with a minimum of ornaments - just an arch of flowers and a festive table setting in a tent.

Entertainment and photography - a wedding on the beach offers opportunities thatdeprived of such activities in the urban jungle. The bride and groom can rent for a photo shoot of horses and solemnly arrive on the beach. You can replace the traditional trip on limousines with a walk on a motor ship along the Moscow River. A great alternative - given that the rent will cost from 7500 rubles. per hour for 20 guests. You can make beautiful photos, admire the surroundings without traffic jams and bustle.

Entertainment on the beach is more than enough -firstly, these are all kinds of active games that will suit a young and dynamic company - beach volleyball, flyboard, a walk on catamarans, paintball. You can organize a holiday quest and go in search of lost treasures. Of course, on such a holiday you can not do without bathing.

End this wonderful day you can open-air party on the beach and fireworks!