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Luminaires in the loft style: characteristics, types, materials

Cold colors, minimal interior decoration, brick and concrete walls without wallpaper, the absence of curtains, and sometimes even the windows themselves - all these are characteristic features of the loft style.

History of the appearance of the loft style

The word "loft" has English roots (loft) andtranslated as "loft". And indeed, it was under the roofs to make out the premises located in the upper part of the buildings of factories, factories, warehouses. Lofts have been successfully converted to workshops, studios, galleries, and later under housing.

The heyday of the loft style came in the 50s of the 20th century. The idea to use abandoned office buildings for living quarters originated in New York. It was here, due to lack of finance, free artists were forced to rent such areas, which have no hint of repair. They placed their workshops in the attics, organized exhibitions and simply lived. Even later, the premises, decorated in loft style, were appreciated by the American elite. This contributed to the fact that abandoned lofts turned into inaccessible for most people housing.

wall lamp in loft style
Loft style - simple and functional, with a largethe number of coarse metal elements, for example, pipes, stairs. Since not always in the attic rooms there are windows, an important role in the design of such an interior is given to artificial lighting.

Features of lighting loft style

The loft style for zoning of premises is not accepteduse walls. For this, low glass or other light partitions are used. The light helps to divide the room into zones. There is not used one large chandelier in the center, and more acceptable are a variety of lamps in the loft style: on the walls, on the floor, on the table.

pendant lamps in the loft style
To achieve the game of light is the main task of the designer,decorating the room "in the attic." Even if the central chandelier is still there, it is only small in size and subject to additional lighting in the room. Since the ceilings in such premises are often high, this makes it possible to use original multi-level pendant lamps.

Luminaires in the style of the loft: species

In a room decorated in the loft style,to be many lamps. They are used for decorative and functional purposes. Fixtures are wall, ceiling or suspended, floor, desktop. All of them can simultaneously be present in the same room.

Pendant lamps in the loft style: Most often, lamps for tires are used to accurately display the industrial style. Their main advantage is the ability to regulate the direction of light. Also, spotlights can be used to isolate individual zones in a room.

lamps in the loft style
The wall lamp in loft style should look similar to the hanging lamp. It is desirable that it can be rotated, which will illuminate the furthest corners of the room.

Floor and table lamps (floor lamps, lamps) are often performed in one style direction. To do this, use similar plafonds and similar bases on curved legs.

Materials for luminaires in the loft

In the "attic" room should be usedminimum decor for decoration. Luminaires in the loft style are made of coarse, cold materials, such as glass or metal. Also, a wooden driftwood, an old searchlight or a street lamp can fit into the room.

The use of secondary raw materials in the style of the loft has becomealready regularity. For this, both natural materials and household waste (bottles, pots, cans) are suitable. The main condition for decorating a loft-style room is to stick to one form. If round lights are used, then there should be no acute angle here.

Stylish luminaire in the style of the loft

Attach your hand to the interior design instyle loft can be done by making a pendant lamp yourself using improvised materials. For this you need: an empty glass bottle, a wire with a lamp, a thick woolen thread, a decorative cord, matches, a container with cold water, a sanding bar for grinding.

luminaire in the style of the loft
The manufacture of the luminaire begins with cuttingbottles. To do this, it is tightly wound with a thread several times in a pre-marked place, approximately in the middle. Matches are needed for the next stage. They need to set fire to the thread, and when it is almost burned, the bottle is lowered into a container of water. Here it bursts into two halves, just in the marked spot.

The bottom of that part of the bottle, where the neck is located, needs to be ground. To do this, you need a sandpaper, moistened with water. Grind the bottom of the bottle in circular motions along the bar.

Now you need to take the wire with the lamp andzadekorirovat with a cord. Further it should be carefully pushed through the neck of the bottle. The luminaire is ready. The second part of the bottle can be used as a glass or for planting seedlings.

Using different in shape and color bottles, you can make original lamps in the loft style. They will become a wonderful decoration of the room in the apartment or at the cottage.