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Trap for a cat: how to catch a fugitive

Very often there is a need to catch an animal. Cat trap should be safe for the pet and the owner, be effective and make it should not be difficult.


Before you start making, you needpreparation. First of all, you need to make sure that the animal is not injured and healthy. If it is hard to breathe and has an aggressive attitude, do not try to catch it. It is necessary to try to bring the animal into a good mood, to establish contact with it.

Cat Trap

Why do we need a cat trap?

These are primitive devices that facilitate captureanimal. They are very easy to do on their own. In order to entice an individual, you need to offer him food, a toy or, in an exceptional case, valerian. After the animal is trapped, the door must be locked in such a way that the pet can not escape.

You can not throw pillowcases or fabrics - it'scan scare the animal. Before making a trap for a cat, you need to prepare a place where it will be safely released. He must have time to recover. If you plan a trip to the veterinarian, you do not need to feed the cat. It's enough just to give him water.


Cat trap will become attractive ifthere to place the lure. It can be fish, canned food, cheese - everything that a pet likes. Do not offer liquid food - it can stain the animal. Lure the cat into a trap is gradual: first leave the food at the entrance, then put it deeper inside.

If the capture time is limited, the door can be left unclosed by disguising the entrance with a cloth. Do not use glass bowls for bait - the animal can suffer by breaking dishes.


how to make a trap for a cat

Cat trap, made by yourself,must have stability. The base is a heavy board. The door that falls on the guides is made of the same material. In addition, it becomes heavier.

In addition to the classic version, you can tryuse the original trap for the cat, because animals sometimes do something that does not lend itself to logic. They sleep on cabinets, play boxes and adore packages. This strange habit can be used.

This will require an adhesive tape. They need to limit the floor area. Put the bait in the center of this figure. When this trap for the cat works, you can just pick up the pet.

It seems that this is a stupid and senseless device, but its effectiveness is tested on hundreds of animals - it really works.

The figure on the floor can be made not only from sticky tape - scarves, cords, ropes, skipping ropes - anything that can be perceived by an animal as a wall is suitable.