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Bebeton: car seat for comfort and safety of the child

Active life affects the fact that within the framework ofwork and just some everyday affairs we have to travel around the city. Quite often the trip is taken by children who there is no one to leave. However for them it is necessary to create the most comfortable conditions so that the movement in the car becomes not only convenient

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m, but also safe.In addition, severe fines have been imposed today, if the child is not transported in a car seat, and therefore, it is especially not worth to neglect this inexpensive attribute. For example, you can choose a Bebeton brand. The car seat of this company is distinguished by increased reliability and safety.

Understand in detail

So, you are going to buy a car seatfor your child. It is worth noting that to choose a product only by age is not worth it, because each baby has its anatomical features. To ensure maximum protection during a trip, it is important to consider when choosing and height, and weight, and age of the child. So, the car seat Bebeton refers to the group 1-3, that is, it can carry babies from birth to one and a half to two years.

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Choosing this accessory in the car, it is worthremember its reliability, safety, which must be confirmed by the necessary certificates. As a rule, they are issued based on the results of the crash tests. It is equally important to understand that all models of car seats are different, universal does not exist, so you should consider this when choosing. So, produced under the brand Bebeton car seat is compact, so it fits perfectly even in a small car in size.

If the seat is planned to be permanently removed from theinterior, then you should pay attention to the weight of the structure. The easier this accessory is for a child, the better. Yes, and in the cabin, you often move it, so the possibility of transportation still need to be considered. So, baby car seat Bebeton is a transformer, that is, it can also be used as a carry-over, which is very convenient, for example, when you go to a hospital.

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Better all that the product is supplied with a specialsystem Isofix, which allows more secure and secure attachment in the cabin. However, such models may not be suitable for any type of car, and their cost, as a rule, is much higher. The car seat produced by Bebeton is not equipped with this system, but the fastening is carried out with the help of three-point removable safety belts, which have soft lining.

An accessory that provides child safetywhen moving in a car, must be equipped with side protection. The higher the head restraint and the deeper the sides, the greater the likelihood of reliable protection of the baby. What can Bebeton offer? The car seat is equipped with an anatomical pillow, which can be used since infancy. In addition, there is additional protection from side impacts, which means that the child will be safe in this compact but functional device.

Thus, the Bebeton car seat is a combination ofsafety and protection from road trouble for kids from year to year. And, depending on the needs, it can be used both as a rocking chair and as a carry-over. In addition, all products Bebeton has undergone careful monitoring, therefore it meets all existing GOSTs. Provide your child maximum safety!