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Sensations in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy. Pain in the abdomen during pregnancy

It's no secret that the time when a womanexpects the baby, is the most beautiful in her life. During this period, the body of the fair sex undergoes enormous changes. That is why the sensations in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy can be quite diverse. Some women have no signs of conception and any complaints about a particular condition.

sensations in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy

Conception and the onset of pregnancy

To begin with it is necessary to tell, how conception occurs. Approximately in the middle of the female cycle, the lady releases the cell from the follicle. After this, the egg that was born and ready for fertilization begins to move along the fallopian tubes towards the genital organ. It is here that she can meet with a sperm. After the confluence of these two components, continuous cell division begins.

When a new organism reaches the uterine muscle, cells enter the inner layer. From this moment, one can consider the conception to be fulfilled.

How is the gestation period divided?

The stages of pregnancy are different. There are three in total. These temporary segments are called trimester and last for an average of 8 to 12 weeks.

At each stage of pregnancy, the doctor appointsto the woman appropriate research. They can include carrying out an ultrasound examination, taking a smear from the vagina, a blood test for possible fetal pathologies. Also in the third trimester, the gynecologist studies pregnancy using the CTG apparatus. During the procedure, the heart beats the baby.

The third period of bearing the baby ends with childbirth. After that the fetus becomes a man and can breathe, hear and see on his own, but he still needs a mother.

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Sensations in the abdomen in early pregnancy

Many women in this period have newFeel. To begin with it is worth to say, what terms of pregnancy are early, and what - late. Pregnancy of a small period is diagnosed up to 8 weeks, which is approximately the first two months since the last menstrual period. It is during this time interval that the expectant mother can mark new sensations in the abdomen. In the early stages of pregnancy, a woman's well-being can vary greatly. Consider the most frequent sensations a woman experiences.

During ovulation

At this point, the representativethe fair sex can say that it feels raspiruyuschie or pressing pain on the left or right. This is explained by the growth of the follicle and the increase in the ovary. Of course, pregnancy at this time has not yet occurred, but with a positive result, this time interval will be included in the period of bearing of the child.

Immediately during the rupture of the follicle, the lady can note a sharp cutting pain on one side. After this, some women note the appearance of bloody discharge from the genital tract.

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During the period of fertilization

Some of the fair sexthey say that the sensations in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy began in them from the time of fertilization of the egg. Most likely, this is just self-hypnosis, since no one can say for sure in a split second what exactly happened when the two cells merged.

Usually this process is not accompanied by any special feelings. Human cells are so small that their initial division gives no symptoms or signs.

Implantation period

After the male cell has met with the female, pregnancy by day begins to develop and progress. Every day with the new organism there are tremendous changes and transformations.

When the fertilized egg reaches the reproductive organ,it penetrates the endometrium and remains in its place during all subsequent periods of its development. At this point, a woman may feel that something is happening in her body. Also, this process can go completely unnoticed.

Statistics claim that special sensations inthis period is marked by those women who planned conception and waited for him. These women say that they feel slight pulling pain. Other women confess that they have tingled in the uterus. Similar to the period of ovulation, at this moment a woman may notice a slight spotting from the vagina. They are explained by the fact that during the introduction of cells into the wall of the uterus, tiny blood vessels and capillaries are damaged.

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Pain during pregnancy

Many women around the world complainvarious pain during pregnancy. Most of them fall on early terms. When the embryo grows and pregnancy progresses by day, uterine distension occurs. This is one of the reasons for such complaints. However, it is necessary to know all the reasons why in the pregnancy (early period) pulls the stomach. Similar complaints may also be in the middle of the development of the fetus or before delivery.

The threat of interruption of embryo development

4 pregnancy

It's no secret that most miscarriagesand embryo fading occurs early. This is due to the fact that so-called natural selection takes place in this time period. If the fetus has any abnormalities in genetics or the wrong set of chromosomes is obtained, then it simply stops its development.

This condition may be accompanied by unpleasantpainful sensations that threaten pregnancy. The back during this period can also remind you of yourself. During the contraction of the reproductive organ, the woman feels heavy in the lower back.

Lack or excess of certain hormones

The pregnancy table (hormones) indicates whichthe amount of a substance must be contained in the blood of a woman at different periods of carrying a baby. With some deviations from the norm, the representative of the fair sex may experience painful sensations in the lower abdomen and back.

In most cases, future moms are faced withlack of progesterone. This hormone is produced by the corpus luteum, which is formed in the ovary after the rupture of the follicle. The excreted substance supports the normal tone of the reproductive organ and prevents it from contracting and rejecting the fertilized egg. With a small amount of such a hormone, involuntary contraction of the uterine muscle and detachment of the ovum occurs.

If time does not take action and do not holdnecessary treatment, then self-termination of pregnancy can occur. That is why with the appearance of such symptoms, it is necessary to pass the necessary tests and find out the content in the blood of the future mother of certain hormones.

The pregnancy and hormone table will tell you how much a woman’s blood should be in a certain period of pregnancy.

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Growth of the reproductive organ

Sometimes pain in the lower abdominal segmentmay be caused by the growth of the uterus. It is worth saying that during fertilization she is rather small. Pregnancy also makes the body grow and stretch, changing its usual position.

With the increase in uterine muscles are shiftedorgans: ovaries, fallopian tubes and intestines. In later periods, there is a shift of some more structures of the human body: the kidneys, the stomach, the liver, and the spleen.

Such a process may be accompanied by nagging pains. It should be noted that this condition is not a pathology and does not require any treatment.

Also from lower abdominal pain can sufferwomen who have experienced pelvic inflammatory disease or any surgical intervention. In most cases, such pathologies do not pass unnoticed and cause the formation of adhesions. With the growth of the uterus thin films stretch and break. This leads to quite strong and sharp pains. They can be pulling, pressing or cutting. In this case, the woman does not prescribe any treatment, except for respect for peace and taking sedatives.

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Ectopic pregnancy

In the early stages (about a week at 4)Ultrasound pregnancy is almost impossible to diagnose. However, during this period, a woman may complain of nagging pain from one side or the other of the abdomen. In some cases, this may indicate the development of an ectopic pregnancy. If such a pathology is detected, it must be eliminated as soon as possible, since the consequences can be irreparable and lead to death.

How to diagnose ectopic pregnancyearly on? Quite often, a blood test to determine the hormone hCG helps to learn about this pathology. Also, in the absence of severe pain in a woman, the doctor may choose to wait and see tactics. With increased sensation and deterioration of well-being, women undergo emergency surgery, during which they remove the pathological pregnancy, trying to preserve all reproductive organs. Ectopic pregnancy can develop in the ovary, fallopian tubes or in the abdominal cavity.

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Pathological processes

In some cases, unpleasant painfulsensations in the lower abdomen during pregnancy can be a symptom of various pathologies that are in no way connected with a woman’s being in an interesting position.

Intestinal problems

While carrying a baby with a womanall the muscles of the abdominal cavity are relaxed. This is necessary in order to avoid spontaneous abortion. Since the intestine is also a muscle, its peristalsis can significantly decrease. This leads to constipation and gas accumulation. This condition gives the woman not only discomfort, but also nagging pain in the lower abdomen.

This state is easily corrected. A woman is given a suitable diet and a mild laxative, which is allowed during pregnancy.

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Inflammatory diseases

During the carrying of the child at the representativethe fair sex is reduced immunity. It occurs mainly in the earliest terms. Nature has done so to ensure that the woman’s body does not perceive the fetus as an alien body and does not reject it.

During this period, the lady may feel nagging pains.lower abdomen, which is a symptom of inflammation of the bladder, ovary or uterus. This pathology should be cured, as it can have a negative impact on the growth and development of the embryo.

Pathology requiring surgical intervention

Sometimes during pregnancy a woman canthere are diseases that require surgery. They may also give symptoms such as nagging or aching pain in the back and lower abdominal segment.

Pregnant woman may facethe formation of a large cyst or twist its legs. Also, a woman can hit appendicitis or peritonitis. All these pathologies are quite rare, especially in early pregnancy, but they are not excluded.

If the decision is made to undergo surgeryintervention, the most benign method is chosen. In most cases, this is laparoscopy. The doctor conducts the operation as carefully as possible, trying not to affect the genital organ and keep the pregnancy.

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Pain in late pregnancy

If you are pretty close to the date of delivery,That pulling pain in the lower abdomen may indicate that you will soon become a mother. If the fetus is already full-term, then there is no reason to worry, however, it is worthwhile to call your doctor and inform him about your well-being.

If the child is not fully mature, it is necessaryurgently call an ambulance and go to the hospital. Especially if the pain increases and becomes cramping in nature. You may have to be hospitalized for some time until you feel better. All this is necessary in order to keep the pregnancy and bring the baby to the prescribed period.


If you are in an interesting position andexperiencing pain in the lower abdomen, it is necessary as soon as possible to visit the specialist leading your pregnancy. It may be that pregnancy and your health are at risk. It may also become clear that your pains are physiological and do not have any threat to you and your future baby.

Treat your well-being especiallycarefully during pregnancy. Regularly visit a specialist and discuss with him all your concerns. Feel free to ask the doctor about everything that interests you. Bless you, and easy delivery to you!