/ When can you give the pasta to children? Recommendations from nutritionists and tips

When can you give macaroni to children? Recommendations from nutritionists and tips

Pasta can be found in the kitchen anyRussian family. From them you can make a simple dinner in a few minutes or an exquisite dish in the best traditions of European cuisine. Among young mothers, the question "When can you give macaroni to children, and what products to choose for baby food?" Is very popular. We will try to find the only correct answer to it.

Macaroni products for baby food

When you can give pasta to children
On the shelves with baby food today you can findspecial pasta for kids. Most manufacturers give recommendations for the preparation and consumption of their products on the packaging. At what age can you give your child pasta from the children's department? Usually food of this category is recommended for introduction into the diet from 8-10 months. Such pasta is often different from "adults" rich in vitamins composition. For the smallest, pasta is an independent dish, not a garnish. It is best to give them for dinner, in the middle of the day, or in the evening. Boil the pasta according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, butter with butter or vegetable oil and serve to the table.

Soups with vermicelli

Many pediatricians advise closer to the first yearto introduce a variety of soups into the diet of the child. For the preparation of the first dishes, it is quite possible to use macaroni intended for toddlers aged 8-9 months. Boil soup is better on meat, and not bone broth. In addition to pasta, it adds vegetables, already introduced into the diet of the child. If the pasta is large enough, it is better to turn the prepared dish into soup-puree, chopping it in a blender. With how much can you give the baby pasta noodles? Soup with pasta should be present in the diet of children older than a year. After the first birthday, the child can begin to give "adult" vermicelli. Closer to 2 years of the baby you can feed soup with pasta from a household pot, provided that there are no chemical additives and seasonings that have a sharp taste.

"Adult" pasta on the children's table

At what age can you give your baby pasta
When you can give pasta to children cookedfor the whole family? Each mother sighs relieved, when the baby gradually turns to "adult" nutrition. "Normal" pasta, not adapted for the youngest, pediatricians are advised to enter the children's menu as soon as the baby turns a year. Do not forget, pasta is still an independent dish. Add no meat puree or vegetables to them. The thing is that the baby's body is very difficult to digest complex food. Cooking pasta with garnish is recommended for children no younger than 2.5-3 years. If the child has digestive problems, the question "From what age can you give your child pasta and how to prepare them correctly?", Should be discussed on an individual basis with the pediatrician.

How to choose the right pasta?

With how much you can give the baby pasta
Many adults consider pastauseless sources of carbohydrates. In fact, pasta can boast of the presence in the composition of vitamins of group B, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other useful minerals. Refuse this product in the diet of the child should not. The most important thing is to understand and remember when it is possible to give macaroni to children. For successful digestion of pasta in the body must be produced a special enzyme. It is for this reason that there are age restrictions.

What kind of pasta to choose for a baby? With regard to quality - it must be first-rate products from durum wheat. You can find them by marking on the packet: "A", durum or "1 class". For the youngest, choose a smaller pasta or traditional vermicelli, and for children older than 1.5-2 years, it makes sense to buy "beautiful" pasta. These are traditional seashells, asterisks, spirals or special children's products in the form of letters and animal figures.

One of the "chips" of modern manufacturers -colored children's products. How many months can you give your child macaroni in different colors? Do not be lazy to read the composition: if it contains only natural dyes, such pasta is completely safe. Accordingly, the "baby" macaroni of all colors of the rainbow can be given from 8-9 months, and "adults" - from the first year of life.

Simple recipes for young mothers

How many months can you give your baby pasta
The most important thing is to cook the pasta correctly. The standard of preparation of this product has long been invented by Italian chefs. Pasta should be cooked to the stage of "al dente" - when they are soft enough, but they are elastic and not boiled. The smallest you can give cooked vermicelli with vegetable or butter. For children aged 2.5 years, an excellent dish will be pasta with cheese or sweet dressing (natural fruit jam, honey).

When it is possible to give macaroni to children asgarnish? It is advisable not earlier than 2.5-3 years. Start with simple dishes, for example, pasta, cooked with minced meat. After the third birthday of the child in his diet, you can enter the usual pasta with a chop or a piece of boiled meat. Everything is good in moderation, and this rule applies to pasta. Children are not recommended to give them more often 2-3 times a week. Remember: a balanced and varied diet is the guarantee of your child's well-being and excellent mood.