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We study everything around us: autumn signs for children

In addition to various scientific knowledge, the child mustalso receive valuable information about everything that surrounds him. So, the kid should understand which leaf belongs to which tree, which birds fly to the warm regions, and which ones remain to winter, etc. It's also good to be guided in signs to be able to predict the weather on your own.

autumn signs for children

About children

It should be noted that the information for childrenit is necessary to choose a simpler one so that they can fully understand what is at stake. So, it would be nice for parents to make a small selection and highlight the autumn signs for children. It is also good to write down all the signs, and then to see if they have come true, whether they should be relying on them in the future.


On the harvest of some plants you can docertain predictions. So, for example, a great sign that the kid will easily understand: about a cold winter will say an excellent harvest of mountain ash. Also, this berry will say about what kind of weather it will be in autumn: if there is a lot of ash in the forest, autumn will be rainy, if very little - dry. Also, nuts and mushrooms can predict weather: if there are few mushrooms, and there are many nuts, one should expect a fierce, harsh winter. The following autumn signs for children who will say about winter: if there are a lot of acorns on the oak in September, it's cold in winter. About a cold winter will also say the harvest of a dogwood: if it's a lot, the winter will be "evil."

autumn signs and proverbs


What other autumn signs can be for children? A lot can tell the autumn leaves. So, for example, if aspen leaves fall on the ground "face" upwards, the winter will be cold, "face" down - warm. If so and so, then the winter will be different in the cold. Birch leaves can tell about the spring weather. So, if the birch turns yellow from the top, spring will be early, if the lower branches are late. A cherry leaf will tell you about the autumn weather. Until the cherry falls completely, no matter what snow falls, they all will come down. And if leaves are left on branches on many trees, you should also expect a frosty, cold winter.

signs of autumn for children

Living creatures

There are also autumn signs for children,predictors in which are insects, birds and even animals. So, if birds flying to the south fly low, there will be little snow, if high - a lot. If you can see mosquitoes in late autumn, then the winter will be mild. It is worth watching also for poultry: if chickens hide their heads under the wing, soon be cold. Flying cranes in the sky will say about the autumn weather: if they fly slowly, "speak" among themselves, then the autumn will be warm.


And here are the autumn signs and proverbs, in whichthe weather appears. If the autumn was warm, the winter should be cold. If you can hear thunder in September, then autumn will be pleasant, warm, if in October - winter will be snowless. Hoarfrost in the autumn morning will say that this time of the year will be warm again, and the weather - dry and sunny. On the Indian summer, you can also make many predictions: if the first day of it is warm, such will be the fall. And vice versa. If the Indian summer is rich in cobwebs, the autumn season will be warm, but winter is cold. If a spider web lays on plants, be warm. Another sign of autumn for children: if the autumn morning is gray, the day will be red. And if you can find an early frost on willow, winter should be cold.