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Useful handmade items: a folder-moving "Autumn"

Folders are a traditional elementinterior kindergarten, but you can make such a useful and beautiful thing for your own home. To ensure that the same material does not bother you, it needs to be updated periodically. Very interesting thematic handicrafts of this type, for example the folder-moving "Autumn". How to make such a design for a kindergarten or your home? And what information should be in the autumn folder?

What is a move folder?

Folder movement autumn
Surely such visual materials you sawin his childhood, but never thought about the way they are called. The most common folders are four pages long. The base is made of rigid material, and the accordion book is added to the usual cardboard folder. The most common format is A4, but if you want you can make a product of a non-standard size. What is on the pages of the folder? This is a collection of text on a certain topic with pictures and diagrams, you can add some songs or rhymes. If you want, it's easy to make a folder-move and with your own hands.

We select materials

Folder movement autumn autumn months
The shift folder "Autumn" can include detailedeach of three months. Think of comic names for September, October and December. Further describe the weather phenomena for each period, carried out rural work, you can add some signs, proverbs and sayings. The more illustrations, the more interesting will be the folder-moving "Autumn". Autumn months can be portrayed as fairy-tale characters. Do not forget to describe possible activities, which can also be illustrated. For example, tell the kids that in September it is good to pick mushrooms and harvest, in October you should dress warmer and do not forget the umbrella, and in November it's already quite cold, and you can start preparing for New Year's holidays. In what technique to make a folder, it's up to you to decide, you can paste the rhymes and pictures separately on the base or draw all of them together. If you know how to use computer programs to work with graphics, it is not at all difficult to produce entire pages and simply print them out. Do not be afraid to involve the children themselves. If the kids participate in the creation of new things for the interior of the kindergarten, for sure the folder-moving "Autumn" will please them even more. If you are doing this manual for home, do not hesitate to add your photos.

Who should do moving folders?

Folders folders autumn pictures
Such visual aids are also appropriate in the kindergarten,and at school. After all, in the pages of a hard book you can state any information. If there is no such material in the kindergarten or school class that your child attends, talk with the teacher or teacher. Folder-moving "Autumn", made by parents, will be appropriate in any interior. Because of the design features, these books stand well on any horizontal surfaces. Often they are placed on the shelves or on top of the lockers. Also you can suggest to do in the open lesson the folder-moving. Autumn, pictures with which any child can draw, will be a good topic. And, if desired, not only teachers and children will take part in the creative process, but also the parents who come.