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Active competitions at a birthday for young people

Birthday is usually celebrated in a cheerful friendly company. To keep the holiday memorable for a long time, organize active competitions at a birthday for the youth.

"Whale and the Cat"

All players are in a circle, holding hands. Leading to each player whispers the name of the animal. Then, when everyone remembers their words, the fun begins. The essence of the game is that the person to whom the "whale" was told, with the words of the facilitator, should sit down instantly. The task of his neighbors is not to let him do it. It is better to name words at a rapid pace, so that the participants do not have time to take a breath. The funniest thing is that the presenter made the "whale" word for every odd player, that is, through one. At the end of the game you can say "whale". This will lead to the fact that almost all participants will sit down sharply. Most likely, the remaining will not cope, and the game will end with a general "felting" on the floor.

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"Spiritual Session"

Games and fun for a birthday can bediversify with jokes and jokes. In this fun, the facilitator proposes to organize a real spiritualistic session. To do this, invite one participant, and the host sits down with him at a pre-prepared table opposite him. On the table are two plates. The coin is placed in the leader's plate. All other spectators stand around the table. The participant of the game is explained that he must exactly follow the leader's movements, and then the coin will move to his plate. They put out the light, light the candles and the session begins. The leader without words makes various movements, including carrying his palm on the plate and on his face. At the end of the competition, the presenter declares that the session failed and turns on the light. The whole thing is that the player's plate was smoked, and now his face is smeared in soot.

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Contests at the birth day for youth will beIt's more fun if you involve many active participants. In this game, young people are invited to play a fairy tale. To do this, all participants diverge in different directions. Each group seats on chairs in one line. Between the participants the roles of grandmother, granddaughter and so on are distributed. In addition, all players receive a second role - a kolobok. The host begins to tell the tale. The bottom line is that someone who hears his role must quickly run around all the chairs. The leader should call all the characters more often. For example: "the grandmother baked ... although, maybe, not a grandmother ... a ball ... or a ball ...". The fun ends when all the participants get out of their power.

"Erotic bridge"

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Contests at the birth day for young people are heldit's more fun if there are enough young men and girls among the guests. For this game, the young are divided into two funny teams. The moderator explains that the brave team that wins the longest bridge from their own clothes will win. The game will need enough space.

Here are such funny contests at the birth day foryoung people can be organized without spending additional attributes. If the company has gotten active and fervent, then it will be fun for everyone even without alcohol. You can hold such contests for the birthday of an adult or child, the main thing is to clearly explain the rules and give prizes to the most active participants.