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Easter crafts with your own hands for Easter.

Easter is the brightest and most kind holiday. Unfortunately, on Easter it is not customary to give some significant gifts. But you can make small fakes for Easter with your own hands. What are Easter hand-made articles for Easter? The choice can be limited only by your imagination! The only restriction that can be dealt with crafts for Easter with their own hands is the theme. Stick to the Easter holiday theme. Let in your hand-craft will be present images of angels, pigeons, temples, etc. Easter hand-made items for Easter can be very diverse. Let's analyze several options:

1. Easter card. Making a postcard to Easter with your own hands is easy! Take a sheet of thick white cardboard. We fold in half. To make the fold smooth, draw a straight line in the middle of the sheet with a simple pencil, bend the sheet with a ruler and erase the line. Now you need to decorate the title page of the postcard. Cut a rectangle from a sheet of colored paper in red. In size, it should be 2-3 cm less than the title page on each side. From corrugated cardboard or any other paper for decoration, we cut out the frame for a postcard. We glue the blanks to the title page. It is better to choose glue in a sticker or double-sided scotch, as from liquid glue ugly stains can remain. Prepare a small illustration beforehand in order to paste it in the middle of the sheet. It can be an image of a temple or plates with painted eggs. From the shiny paper we cut out the "HB" or the inscription "With Easter". We glue the workpieces. The title page is ready! You can show your imagination and decorate the card with a lace or satin ribbon. Now it remains to write a beautiful wish inside and the gift is ready!

But Easter hand-made articles for Easter are not limited to making postcards.

2 eggs. Of course, this is the main symbol of Easter. You can make an egg from a tree and paint it, you can make an egg from a bead. And you can make it out of the thread! To do this, you need an air balloon, colored threads, PVA glue, a needle and scissors. We inflate an air ball of a small size so that its shape resembles an egg. Needle thread with thread through the jar with glue, so the thread will be wet from the glue. Tightly wrap the string with a string. Let's dry and gently blow off the ball. We pull it out from the resulting egg. It turned out a beautiful and original gift for Easter. Nobody canceled and colored eggs as a gift.

3. Kulichi. Also, like colored eggs - this is a traditional gift for Easter. But here you can show imagination. For example, an unusual decorate.

4. Ornaments. You can make an original pendant made of beads in the form of an angel or a dove, or you can make an ornament from an egg shell. By the way, from the eggshell you can make not only decorations, but also other forgery for Easter with your own hands. If you embroider or knit, you can make a beautiful napkin or something from clothes. Surely your friend or sister will have to taste bolero or a beret, crocheted. If you have in your arsenal there are dried plants like gypsophila, immortelle, a box of flax, etc., you can make a beautiful Easter wreath from them. The basis is best made of foam. And you can decorate the wreath with satin ribbons.

5. Origami. It would seem that the product of Japanese culture is not compatible with the Christian holiday, but no! You can make their origami a charming bunny. And inside the origami it will be possible to put an egg. By the way, instead of paper, starched cotton fabric can be used. Just do not forget to flush the finished song in several places, otherwise it may fall apart.

As you can see, easter handmade Easter crafts are not so difficult to make. The main thing is fantasy and the desire to make a pleasant surprise to those close to such a wonderful and bright Easter holiday.