/ / Funny contests for children - an indispensable attribute of any holiday

Funny contests for children - an indispensable attribute of any holiday

Children really love holidays. Special for each child is, of course, birthday, as well as the New Year. How to make these significant events truly joyful and unforgettable? Funny contests for children - one of the most favorite entertainment, without which any holiday will be sad and uninteresting.

fun contests for children

Required attribute of the New Year carnival -theatrical and costumes. Children happily reincarnate in new images and participate in all sorts of quizzes. The beauty and uniqueness of fairy-tale costumes will give the holiday atmosphere a sense of magic and mystery. Miracles and fun - what else do children need for happiness? Dancing to music, dances around the Christmas tree, guessing puzzles, fun contests - for children this will bring a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

Here are some funny and fascinating contests that will suit not only for New Year parties, but also for other children's holidays:

- Games with balls. It is necessary to take out as many balloons as possible. It is allowed to shove from under the clothes, take a mouth for the ropes, pin hair to hairpins. Use cheerful music to accompany the game.

contests for children 7 years old

"Guess the fruit." The participant is put on a bandage over his eyes, and then they offer, trying to open his mouth, to try a piece of fruit. The more fruit and berries are involved, the more interesting. It is allowed to make surprises, replacing fruit with candy, lemon or some kind of vegetable. Ask your parents if the child has an allergy before holding such fun contests. For children, usually guessing "goodies" is one of the favorite contests.

- A wonderful clearing. Conduct preferably in the open air on a green meadow. Spread across the grass several types of identical objects, several pieces each. You can use small balls, rings, balls, cubes. Before the start of the competition, participants choose what they will look for and put in their baskets. The one who in a certain time will collect a greater quantity of the given subjects will win.

- The way to the fairy-tale country. It is necessary to lay out sheets of paper on the floor. Jumping from one to another, the players must quickly reach the goal. One can imagine that there is a swamp between the islets, which can not be attacked.

contests for children 5 years old
For more fun dress up someonein Leszno or Babu Yaga, who live in this wild forest and are very fond of "enjoying kids". So hold contests for children 7 years old, not younger, because kids can be scared. Participation of adults always makes the game more exciting and exciting. It is important to organize and interest children skillfully.

Long-running games often tirechildren. Therefore, contests for children 5 years and younger can be held in the form of table games and applied arts. Suitable for making funny crafts from plasticine or drawing fictitious animals. Such fun contests for children will help develop patience, perseverance and imagination.