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Wedding Anniversary, 2 years

A wedding wedding is called the second anniversaryjoint family life. Paper symbolizes fragile relations between spouses. During the two-year period of marriage, a child is born in many families, which entails certain tests for the couple, checking them for strength. It is very important at such times to be more tolerant and kinder to each other, to support your second half in everything, in order to build a strong and united family in the future. Only the wife and her husband depend on whether they will be able to maintain the balance of their union.

In the current tradition, the wedding anniversary is 2 years,except paper, still called "modern writing". A married couple writes letters to each other in which they give answers to questions: "What kind of character do you like or dislike?", Etc. According to European customs, on the day of the wedding two years, the couple made paper dolls. Inside the product were hidden secret notes with wishes for the husband or wife. At Greeks anniversary of wedding, 2 years it is connected with money, after all money it too a paper. On the day of the celebration of the wedding, the couple are attached to the clothes bills (during the performance of the national dance). Such a rite symbolizes prosperity in the family. It seems that this happened not so long ago. Just two years ago there was a wedding day, but for everyday worries and problems it began to be forgotten that on this sunny day, you in a strict suit or a chic white dress took the first step towards the beginning of family life. Anniversary of the wedding should be marked necessarily to repeat that day of your marriage, to see in your husband an attentive and affectionate groom, and in the wife a quivering bride.

Celebrating the wedding anniversary 2 years on freshair, this is an excellent occasion to arrange a noisy holiday. Thus, to prove to others that a paper wedding does not mean fragility and fragility of marriage. Place of celebration should have paper decorations: flowers, garlands, etc. On the festive table you need to put napkins, and give away guests a piece of paper and a pencil. Each guest is required to write a wish to the couple. In the entertainment program, it is necessary to add contests using paper, and to make the event exactly fun, it will not be superfluous to invite a toastmaster. After all, the anniversary of the wedding is 2 years - a small date for each family, and it should be remembered.

Wishes and gifts

On the anniversary of "Wedding Anniversary 2 years"congratulations should be warm, optimistic, romantic. The family couple can give all kinds of paper products: paintings, calendars, posters with photos of spouses, books, etc. The second anniversary of the wedding is also called glass, so the gifts can also be made of glass: vases, decanters, figurines and other glass objects. A traditional gift for two years of living together is a matryoshka doll. It is best to give it to four additions, with the wishes of addition in the family, unity and happiness. In no case should you forget about money, this is the most wonderful gift for a paper wedding. It is important to note that the amount should be decent. Giving the young family money, do it in an original and beautiful way, with the help of origami or a colorful envelope. It is best to present young cash with wishes to spend it on children's belongings or household utensils.

Young should also present each othercongratulations on the anniversary of the wedding 2 years, gifts should be bright and memorable. Let it be a banal postcard, but it should be donated so that your spouse or spouse will remember it for a long time. After all, the first gifts at the beginning of a life together are the most valuable and important.

The most original present for the anniversary of the wedding will be a handmade gift. Be smart, and then your congratulations will be satisfied.