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Organizer for a bag with your own hands

Psychologists from France proved that the presence ofThe disorder in the women's handbag shows not only the dreaminess of her mistress, but also the lack of organization, inability, passivity and inability to gather at a particular moment. To put things in order will help the organizer for the bag. He gets special value if done by own hands.

organizer for a bag

Organizer for a bag is very convenient, if a womanthere are several bags for all occasions. Thanks to this small accessory, the fair sex person can keep road make-up, a purse and other trifles in order, and the process of changing one handbag to another is quick and easy.

Organizer for the bag has the following advantages:

- Sorts the contents of any handbag;

- always has a stylish design;

- almost invisible in the bag;

- is an ideal gift for any woman;

- perfectly suited to various types of bags.

bag organizer
Organizer for a bag can be sewnindependently anyone who wished to do it by a woman even without special skills in sewing. For the top surface of the organizer you need to choose a dense fabric (you can even have artificial skin). It is possible to duplicate for strength with sintepon or fleiselin.

So, consider the simplest way, how cansew an organizer for the bag. The pattern should be made on paper, and then cut out of the fabric in the form of two rectangles with mandatory allowances for seams up to 1 cm on each side. Next, you need to sew around the edges of these rectangles, while leaving a small hole (up to 5 cm) that can be unscrewed, with which the organizer can be unscrewed.

The next step is to mark the mark of the folding line of the organizer. Basically it is located 10 cm from the edge of the product, stitched and inverted. Now you can bend the fabric and iron it.

organizer for bag pattern
Then it is necessary to sew pieces of adhesive tape,which will be used instead of the fastener. To do this, one part of the adhesive tape is located on the inside, and the other - with the outside. Stitch the short edges of this accessory.

If there is a need for continued availabilityin a mobile phone handbag, hair brushes, a notebook, a business card holder and a pen, it is necessary to plan future pockets and stitch them with a double stitch.

If the fair sex is leadingan active lifestyle associated with business or sports, then to arrange all the necessary things and trifles that are necessary to her every day and can be used at any time, the organizer bag will help. This is a medium-sized bag made of dense fabric or leather (both natural and artificial), with a large number of pockets located both on the outside of the bag and inside it. With the use of such a bag, a woman will have all her belongings, and it will be easy to find any of them. However, there is one drawback - when changing a bag, shifting all the little things will take a certain amount of time.