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The crisis of three years is good or bad?

The crisis of three years is quite natural, withwhich every child faces. After all, this is a kind of transition period, when early development ends. Therefore, do not be afraid and worry about it - parents only need to know how to behave properly and what to expect from their own baby.

crisis of three years

The crisis of three years in the child: when does it begin?

The crisis of 3 years is a conditional psychologicalconcept. It is used to characterize the emotional and mental transition of a child. At this stage, the kid begins to actively change and explore the surrounding people, the world and first of all himself. It is from this moment on, active development will begin - your child learns to build relationships and make independent decisions.

In fact, there is no exact age in thewhich begin such changes. As a rule, this period begins in the second half of the third year or in the first half of the fourth year of the child's life. It is worth noting that the crisis of three years is accompanied by significant changes in the behavior of the baby. Parents should be prepared for change.

The crisis of three years in children and its main features

Period of transition to preschool ageis accompanied by very characteristic features. In most cases, parents are very worried about the fact that the child simply goes out of control and almost does not look like himself.

  • the crisis of three years in children
    The brightest "symptom" of the crisis isstubbornness. The baby just becomes unbearable. He wants to put on his boots in the heat, refuses to eat his favorite dishes, requires a new toy, etc. It is stubbornness that becomes the main system of the child's behavior.
  • Negativism is another very characteristic feature. Your child suddenly starts to make his own decisions. And any advice from the parents is perceived with hostility. Sometimes a kid refuses to do something, not because he does not want to, but because the offer does not come from him.
  • Despotism is another, indispensable sign of growing up. The child literally requires people around him to do what he wants.
  • In most cases, the crisis of three years is accompanied by obstinacy and disobedience. The child does not simply refuse to do what his parents tell him - he does not even try to listen to them.
  • The kid becomes self-willed. To its goal, it goes almost at any cost. And in case of failure suits scandals and real hysterics.
  • At the same time, there is a so-called depreciation of communication with parents. For the first time a child can call Mom and Dad, tell them something offensive, etc.

Indeed, during this period the baby is in a conflict situation, not only with his parents, but also with the entire surrounding world.

The crisis of three years in a child: how to build a relationship?

the crisis of three years in the child

Many parents are lost and do not know how to leadthemselves in the period of such active changes. But here it is necessary to clearly define the model of behavior. To begin with, understand that now your child already considers himself to be an adult and requires that his opinion be considered. Take it accordingly. Expand the range of his duties, do not prevent him from learning to do something on his own, treat him like an equal to himself.

On the other hand, you should not indulge the baby inall and always - you need a clear balance. Yes, sometimes you can give in and do what your child wants. But if you always do this, you will simply lose his respect. It is very important that all members of the family develop a similar system of behavior. If the daddy allows something, and the mother forbids, the child will quickly learn how to use this situation.

And, of course, remember that the crisis of three years isshort period, which sooner or later will end. And how quickly and smoothly the process of growing up, largely depends on others.