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Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: simple and inexpensive

Pregnancy is a great time when you needenjoy life, pay attention to beautiful moments, enjoy your vacation. But women know how uncomfortable to lie with their belly, especially in the last months of pregnancy. It would be desirable to lay the tummy more conveniently to give the muscles of the back rest. Best for this task copes pillow for pregnant women. It's very easy to make it with your hands. You need to stock up on cloth, sewing tools, patience and you can start.

Simple pillow for pregnant women with their own hands

pillow for pregnant women for sleeping

A large number of models are sold in storespillows for pregnant women. They have different shapes, are made of different materials. Each pillow for pregnant women for sleep is good in its own way. I suggest to sew a round big pillow, which after delivery can be used for feeding and resting the baby. This option "three in one" must be used with a pillowcase. This will ensure the hygienic purity of the device. Before starting work, study the pattern. The cushion is in the form of a donut with rounded ends. Construct a circle with a radius of 55 cm on a large sheet of paper, and inside it a small circle with a radius of 25 cm. If the growth of the mother is more than 160 cm, then 10 cm should be added to the figures on the pattern. Add 2 cm along the edges of the product - they are designed for seams.

What you need to sew a pillow

pillow for pregnant women

Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands is sewn fromdense cotton fabric, but better coarse calico. The color of the material can be any, but it is desirable to choose a neutral beige or gray. Such colors do not shed, and will not be visible through the pillowcase. The pillowcase can be sewn from a fabric that you like in terms of density and color. Find the thread and the zipper in the tone of the material.

List of materials:

  • Fabric 2.5 m. For a pillow, as much for a pillowcase. The width of the fabric should be 110 cm or more, otherwise you will have to sew parts from pieces. Excellent for bed linen, as its width is 2 meters.
  • Filler. You can buy holofayber. He well tolerates washing and keeps fit. It will need 1.5 kg (a third of this volume will be needed in the future). During use, the product will lose its shape, and the remaining filler will need to be added through a special pocket with a zipper.
  • Lightning. You will need one zipper for the pillow (30 cm) and one for each pillowcase that you plan to sew.
  • Threads, needles, scissors, tailor's chalk, decor elements to choose from.

Pillow for pregnant women - it's easy in workproduct. If you sew it with your hands, then the time will go from 5 to 10 hours. Sewing machine to cope with the task for 2 hours. In any case, the main thing is that all the lines are even and strong.

Pillow for pregnant women with their own hands: work progress

pillow for pregnant women with their own hands

  1. Build a pattern. You need 2 parts for pillows and pillowcases. The pattern of pillow cases should be added on all sides of 2 cm, because the pillow case should be slightly larger than the pillow.
  2. Sew the parts. To do this, fold 2 pieces of the pattern from the fabric with the front part inside. Sew the product along the perimeter with a straight fine seam, without touching only the place for the zipper.
  3. Turn the product over to the front. Sew a zipper. Fill the pillow with filler.
  4. Manufacturing of pillowcases. Sew two pieces of pillowcase and sew a zipper. For the time when the pillow for pregnant women (with their own hands sewn) will be used for the baby, you can provide a bright children's pillow case. To ensure that such a model can be used during feeding, the ends of the article are sewn with straps.

pillow for pregnant women with their own hands

Such a comfortable and easy to make pillow for pregnant women with their own hands will last a long time.