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How to clean a leather jacket at home

You bought a leather jacket and a couple of months laternoticed that it formed some shiny spots. Not only that the front of the jacket began to look completely unattractive, even in the places of the folds of the sleeves appeared dark strips. In dry cleaning to rent their clothes absolutely no desire? We will give you some tips on how to clean a leather jacket at home.

Because of what the jacket became dirty

how to clean a leather jacket at home
To experience strongly it is not necessary, such situationis inevitable. When you wear a leather thing, there will still be dust and dirt on its surface. All this is due to temperature differences. Unstable weather conditions do their job, mixing particles of dust and moisture into a single whole. And then all this is reflected in your leather clothes. Let's try to figure out how to clean a leather jacket at home.

Not allowed

Despite the fact that leather things are worn for a long time andvery practical in the application, they, however, also require regular care. Solve the problem with a washing machine will not work, because your beloved leather jacket can just crack or "sit down." But if this does not happen, do not rejoice ahead of time. After washing, you will pull out of your washing unit a rumpled to obscene thing, which it will be impossible to pat. And yet, how to clean a leather jacket at home?

How to prevent contamination of a leather jacket

than to clean a leather jacket
Let's start with the fact that cleaning leather productsat home should be held regularly. Do this in order to prevent damage to their appearance. If your jacket is made of fine leather, then you need to clean it with milk, diluted with turpentine in equal proportions. If the skin on the jacket is light, then this is just an ideal option: first, it will be much softer because of the fat contained in the milk; second, it will become elastic. After cleaning, apply a colorless cream, and your jacket will acquire a natural shine.

Contamination of non-fat origin

To clean stains, use your ownshampoo or any detergent. After moistening them with a cloth or foam sponge, gently wipe the dirty areas, gradually increasing the pressure. Then rinse with running water and hang on the hangers.

Home methods of cleaning leather products

cleaning of leather goods at home
Do you want to learn how to clean a leather jacket? At home, it's very easy. The simplest way is to clean and gently wipe the jacket with a flannel wipe to remove moisture and dirt from the surface. There is another effective and very gentle way to clean a leather jacket: you need to moisten it with a damp cloth, then wipe it dry with a towel or gauze, then let it dry completely. But if this method does not help, then try to dissolve the liquid soap in water and gently wipe the contaminated place, not strongly wetting it. Next, wipe dry with a towel.

How to remove stains

Than to clean a leather jacket if on itwas an oil stain? Try to take it out with gasoline, and ink stains can be easily removed with alcohol. But mold stains can be successfully extracted with gasoline. Do not forget about lemon juice, with which you can get rid of the smell of diesel fuel. If the first snow has fallen or a heavy rain has passed, then certainly on your jacket there will be white divorces. Take the table vinegar, moisten the tampon and wipe your jacket.