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Making an aquarium - creating the universe

aquarium design
So, you decided to have fish. Super! You can have fun contemplating a whole universe, a small planet called the "aquarium". Aquaristics is an interesting activity, where you act as a creator, you can even tell God for these tiny creatures. You will depend on their well-being, comfort and comfort.

Before you bring home a bag of flocksfry, you should take care of the place of their future stay. Do not think that the location and design of the aquarium are not important. By no means. It can be safely stated that this is paramount.

First of all, when choosing a place for an aquariumyou should consider that direct sunlight should not fall on the aquarium itself. Otherwise, it will create a bunch of content problems. In particular, the flowering of water and the walls of the aquarium is guaranteed, there is also the danger of overheating, which can become fatal for fish.

aquarium decoration
It is necessary to put the aquarium so that it does notstood in the aisle, and near him must always be an outlet for connecting all the necessary equipment to support the life of fish.

The volume and design of the aquarium is necessarythink and calculate, based on what kind of fish you are going to start. So, the volume of the aquarium is calculated by different formulas, but there is one standard: for one centimeter of the body length of the fish - one liter of water in the aquarium. Aquarists believe that the more space, the better. In a large aquarium it's easier to maintain oxygen levels. It is believed that in a sufficient space fish reproduce faster.

The design of the aquarium does not depend directly on yourtaste predilections. It is desirable to put river fish in an aquarium, which looks like a river landscape, marine fish - on the sea. Many fish are bottom, some have become accustomed to hiding in the stones, and someone in the bushes. All this is worth considering, creating a composition for the aquarium.

Decoration of the aquarium will be unnatural withoutbackground. In some cases, it can be a special film, pasted on the back of the aquarium. There is a backdrop of three-dimensional, creating the most natural appearance.

aquarium decoration
It seems that the design of the aquarium plants -one of the most important components of the entire procedure for preparing a residence for your future pets. Growing in the aquarium grass is not only an excellent feeding for all the inhabitants of the aquarium, but also are considered to be the supplier of oxygen and the processor of the remains, not allowing them to rot at the bottom.

The following, on what it is necessary to pay specialattention, this is the equipment for maintaining the necessary parameters for keeping fish. These include the aerator - the supplier of oxygen. It is necessary to install a heater and water filter, which will greatly facilitate your care of the aquarium.

Only after that you can go to the storefor the acquisition of residents in this small or not very oasis of warmth and comfort. When choosing pets, it is necessary to take into account the fact that many do not get along with each other and keep them in one aquarium is unacceptable. Good luck to you!