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Gas stove Veko: customer reviews

Beco is the brand under which the consumerTurkish company Archelik. All products coming to the Russian market have a brand guarantee of the manufacturer, which is two years. At the same time, the technician undergoes quality control during the release from the lines. All the plants of the company are certified in accordance with international quality standards and comply with environmental standards. Of the total number of exports, about 80% of kitchen appliances are supplied to Russia. Gas cookers Beco consumer reviews have almost all positive and have earned a reputation of reliable and functional.

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Description of gas stoves Veko

The company relies on economical models. Gas stove Veko with gas oven has a democratic value and easy management. You can choose an option, additionally equipped with a grill for cooking dishes on a spit.

For the sophisticated hosts offeredcombined models. In this case, the stove is equipped with a gas hob and the oven is electric, which allows you to achieve better baking quality.

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In the higher price segment is locatedconvection gas stove Veko. Customer feedback confirms that the turbofan included in the design of the oven evenly redistributes the hot air inside the oven. This makes it possible to cook several dishes at the same time, placing the baking trays in two levels.

A range of Veko plates provides optionsfor aesthetes. For refined customers, slabs are offered, where the hob is called "gas on glass", and the oven has many functions.

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Gas stoves are offered in three colors,among which you can choose the best option for the kitchen. Classic white will fit in a standard kitchen, silvery is ideal for hi-tech and anthracite - fans of unusual solutions.

Technical features of the Veko plates

Not without reason gas stove Veko reviews have inmostly positive. The technique is sound, differs not only in external data, but also in technical characteristics. You can choose a compact model, where the width of the technique measures 50 cm. The standard version assumes dimensions of 60x60 cm.

Gas plates are equipped with a protective cover. And it can be standard metal or glass. Glass-ceramic lid models are not provided.

Absolutely all gas stoves of Veko have an oven, inside covered with enamel. But the testimonies indicate that the material is easy to clean, so it is easy to clean and does not cause any complaints.

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The oven door has double glass and possibilityremoval. This, according to customers, greatly facilitates the care of household appliances and allows you to clean the glass in the dishwasher. There are models where the guides are also removable.

Consumers note that gas stoves are equipped with adjustable legs. This allows you to install the equipment even on the floor, which has strong errors.

Veko 42001 W

Gas stove Veko 42001 W, on reviewsspecialists, is very easy to manage. It is important that the grill is not provided here. There is a sound signal warning about the readiness of the dish. The cost of equipment fluctuates around 10,000-12,000 rubles. This option is often chosen by the owners of small apartments or for a cottage.

The model has a standard set of functions. In addition to the sound signal, the lighting of the oven is provided. The hob is enameled and has four burners. The control is mechanical, carried out by rotary switches.

Customer reviews indicate that the oven door has a double glass that does not heat up during operation. But there are opinions that the heating of the oven is too slow.

For many housewives, it is important that there is a roomy drawer that is suitable for storing kitchen utensils. The color of the plate is white, which is classic.

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Gas stove Veko CSG 42111 GW

Reviews of this model allow us to state thatplate is the optimal choice in the middle price category. Electric ignition eliminates the need to buy a cigarette lighter. The surface is covered with enamel, which gives a gloss to the product and, according to reviews, is easy to care for.

A distinctive feature of this plate in itsfunctionality. The cooking surface has four cooking rings, among which one is electric. This is appreciated by the diligent housewives, in conditions where access to gas is limited. Consumer feedback indicates that cooking is convenient when using any energy resource.

Gas oven with grill and possibilitycooking on a spit. For convenience, a timer and backlight are provided. Double glass, according to users opinion is safe, because when the oven is slightly heated.

Management is mechanical, which is completelysatisfies users who are accustomed to simple mechanisms. Dimensions allow you to install the cooker in a compact kitchen, where it is marked with standard 50 cm. The color of the model is white, which fits practically all styles.

CSG 62120 GW and its features

Gas stove Veko with gas oven отзывыhas quite deserved. Customers choose this model because of the glass cover. The oven is equipped with a grill and spit. According to feedback from users, the oven bakes well, and the grill often helps out when it is necessary to get a crisp crust.

The hostess appreciated the mechanical timer, whichgives an audible signal indicating the end of cooking. The gas cooker is recommended for large kitchens, because the dimensions are quite impressive: 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

From negative reviews, the opinions are leading, that the oven door is very hot and many lack a thermometer for the oven.

Among the advantages are the simplicity of management andavailability of cleaning internal surfaces. At a small price there is gas control and a grill. For many it was important that the signal is very loud, which often fails in other models. Also, buyers note that the oven bakes well, burners work without complaints.

Reviews of Veco CSG 52000 W

The gas stove, made in snow-white color,according to users' reviews, is a quality home appliances and easy to manage. The hob has a standard set of burners, where, according to the responses, one has a fairly large size and power. This allows you to quickly heat large amounts of food. A small burner is also provided, which is ideal for cooking coffee.

The oven has a double glass door. Reviews show that it is heated, but not critical. The inner surface has a special coating of finely divided enamel. This, in the opinion of the housewives, greatly simplifies the maintenance of machinery. Fat simply does not stick to such a surface, and if after cooking the oven is wiped, the appearance will be faultless for a long time.

Economical housewives appreciated the set of enameleda tray and a lattice. For initial culinary plans this is enough, but in the future it is recommended to buy kitchen utensils, for which there is a precautionary box.

The dimensions of the plate are quite compact, allowing it to be inserted into a free space of 50 cm, and legs are provided for adjustment.

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Inexpensive model CSG 62000 W

Gas stove Veco reviews have about a successful coating of white enamel. Mistresses argue that the material does not cause difficulties in care. Fat is not retained and is removed with a damp cloth.

The hob is equipped with four cooking rings. According to reviews, the model has the advantage that one of them has a quick warm-up function. For convenience, electric ignition is provided.

Gas stove Veko, customer reviews are thisconfirm, differ good work of the ovens. This model has a fairly spacious oven with a capacity of 65 liters. Works on gas, but, according to reviews, excellent bake. A capacious box for dishes is provided from below. Double glass practically does not heat up and helps to keep the heat inside the oven.

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How to replace Beco

Considered plates of the Beco brand canbuy in various online stores, for example "21 century." Gas cooker "Caesaris" 300003k, according to reviews, is not worse than the Veko, but it has a more budget price, however, it is of the same quality and reliable quality.

Many indicate the existence of a convection mode and a solid cast-iron grate, which is equipped with a plate.

The model has all the necessarycharacteristics. There is electric ignition, oven lighting and grill. The stove is suitable for a spacious room where it is possible to allocate 60 cm of kitchen space for its installation.

But among the reviews there are also those that indicateon the disadvantages of the plate "Caesaris" 3000-03K. So, many lack a thermometer for the oven, and the electric ignition button will stick. Oven, it happens, does not bake, it needs to adapt. In addition, the box for utensils is too small and does not contain everything you need.

About the box for dishes

When the gas stove Veko is purchased, the instruction will help to fully use all the functions. But this document also has warnings about the box located at the bottom of the oven.

It is forbidden to store flammablethings. If the drawer is retractable, you should regularly lubricate the guides. With the hinged version, to open it, you should slightly raise the lid. Do not hammer this compartment to the bottom.