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Children's drawings for Mom's birthday and festive contests

The drawings for Mom's birthday are gifts from the heart! How much joy in the eyes of the native person, when he receives magnificent gifts from his baby, made with his own hands! And how happy the child is when he heard words of gratitude and praise from his mother for his creations!

drawings for Mom's birthday

Figures for mom's birthday can be drawn ina kindergarten or in the family circle, while she is busy preparing the festive table in the kitchen. In advance, thought out the picture, wishes, you can pick up the necessary colors, colored paper or pencils. Preparing drawings for Mom's birthday, you can apply all your imagination, wit, make a creation in the form of a postcard or poster. Whatever you draw, no matter how decorated your future gift, he will always give her pleasure, because she is the kindest and caring person on earth for you, which means she will never show her displeasure.

competitions for the birthday of my mother

In addition to drawings and other gifts, you can prepare special competitions for the birthday of your mother. For a large family, this will not be difficult. Here are a few options:

1) take a large paper and draw on itthe necessary number of squares (roughly the number of people present at the celebration). In each of them, each of the invited guests draws with the help of a felt-tip pen that event, which is most memorable for this year. The picture is signed, the date is put. Then the dates can be joined by arrows. Get a kind of comic book. This tradition can be repeated every year, such posters will serve you as excellent guides to past years;

2) arrange a competition of dishes where your mother will betake direct part. She will be in the jury. Dishes should be simple, which even a child can perform (salad, sandwich). Indicate the cooking time. The team can consist of two people. After the contest, my mother will sum up the results. Perhaps it is your dish that falls on the festive table;

Pictures for mom's day
3) active studies. Competition with balls tied to one of the participants' legs, where it is necessary to pierce a neighbor's ball. The participant with the surviving ball will become the winner. Or eating an apple tied to a string, at speed. Mom in these competitions can also play the role of a jury.

Make a gift for the closest personit's very simple, especially when you know his interests and hobbies. Picking up pictures for Mom's day, original congratulations, you can make any postcard, and also create a poster with your own wishes. A verse or a song of his own composition will give her a sea of ​​delightful minutes and smiles. The main thing is to think things out in advance! And by all means your mother will shine with happiness!

After all, what could be better than a sincere gift,made by own hands. Especially mom is the most expensive person in the world. She always comes to the rescue and will help in a difficult situation. Beautiful drawings for Mom's birthday - this is the smallness that you can do to anyone, but at the same time give her a lot of positive emotions. And what could be better than a sincere smile of such a loved one! The result will also be your good mood. Give each other happiness!