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Names for guinea pigs: interesting ideas and recommendations

In your house there was a sweet creature guinea pig. And she needs a name.

Names for guinea pigs: interesting ideas and recommendations

names for guinea pigs

In order to invent a pet name, you needfirst determine his gender. After all, the names for guinea pigs-boys are completely different than for girls. In general, before you acquire any beast and choose a nickname for him, you need to learn more about it. For example, guinea pigs are cute and funny animals, which are also very friendly. They are loved by both children and adults.

Names for guinea pigs (boys and girls)

Probably everyone in his life came up with a nicknamefor a cat or dog. For some, this process was difficult and time-consuming, and it was very easy for others to find a name without spending a lot of time on it. With the choice of a nickname for the guinea pig, someone may also have difficulty, but someone will find this task easy. So, how to name the guinea pig-boy? Different names will be presented later.

Choosing a nickname for guinea pig by its color

names for guinea pigs

Some masters of such animals without thinking longgive them nicknames from the category of classical. For example, Styopka, Kuzya or Vaska. If the names for the guinea pigs in the classical style do not suit you, then come up with your own!

Color animals can tell you a name thatwill be most appropriate. By the way, the color of each guinea pig is individual. For example, according to the advice of many owners of such animals, the names for guinea pigs, which can be called brunettes, may be: Ottelo, Moor, Ugolyok or Gutalin. And girls can be called a Night or Dark.

names for guinea pigs

The name of the guinea pig-boy (girls can besimilarly), painted in brown, you can pick up a fairly "tasty". For example, Chocolate (Chocolate), Snickers, Tweaks, Candy. Names for guinea pigs, boys, painted in white, - Snowball, Puff or Ice. The girl can be called Snow White, Pushkin, Snowflake or Ice.

names for guinea pigs

Very often you can find such animals of red color, names for guinea pigs (boys, girls) can be: Orange, Red, Freckle, Squirrel, Chanterelle or Mandarin.

Choosing a nickname for guinea pig by its size

You can not find an unusual nickname for the animal.only in color, but also in size. Names for large guinea pigs can be such as Giant, Vulcan or Donut. If you are a fan or a fan of ancient mythology, why not give the pig the name of some strong hero, for example Zeus, Atlanta, Poseidon, Titan, Hercules and so on. The girl can be called Atlanta or Bomb.

Small rodents can be called nicknames,which in themselves speak of a small animal size. For example, names for guinea pigs, boys with a small body size, can be picked up such as Minik, Microbe. Girls can be nicknamed Malyavka, Bug or Businka.

If you want to be original, then calla small-sized pig with a nickname that will say the opposite. And name a large animal by a name that will say that it is small (for example, Kroha)! The idea is good, and most importantly - unusual!

Choosing a nickname for guinea pig with a touch of humor

Guinea pigs are funny and funny animals,which can be called an unusual and funny name! To find the right nickname for your pet, look at how it behaves. It is his behavior that will help you name him. Unusual and funny names can be Sonia, Worm, Philosopher or Farfik.

If the pet is very, very fond of eating, thenyou can start from this. The name associated with this character trait of the beast can be such as Pie, Glutton, Rogue, Boutique, Cutlet, Sausage, or Chroom. Some want to name the pig so that the name is associated with something marine. Here are the names for guinea pigs, boys, popular, evoking memories of the sea: Boatswain, Sailor or Moryachka, Captain, Yakoryok, Kok, Sailor, Uzelok! When choosing a name, consider how the animal responds to it. If you call him the way he does not like, then he will not pay attention to such a nickname.

names for guinea pigs boys and girls

Names for guinea pigs

Names for Guinea pigs-boys original -these are the ones that you will come up with yourself. After all, any nickname, which was invented by the owner, will be more unique than the one taken from the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to list names for guinea pigs for a very long time, but this can not always help: the nicknames do not like, then the animal does not respond to them. Therefore, it is better to deduce a few rules for choosing than to spend a lot of time just reading a few of their options.

So, how to choose a name for a guinea pig?

1. Before you buy a guinea pig, cat or dog, read about them in more detail on the Internet or in any cognitive literature.

2. Then pay attention to how the animal is colored, it is by color that you can pick up an unusual and at the same time suitable nickname.

3. Also, attention should be paid to the size of guinea pigs - they will help determine the name.

4. If you are a cheerful person, then choose a nickname that will cause a smile on the faces of people who hear it!

5. Take into account the opinion of the animal itself, because he is directly involved in the process of choosing the nickname. And he will not react to a name that he does not like.

how to name the boy's guinea pig different names

History of the appearance of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are cute, kind, friendly little animals that are so popular with children. Even most adults can not resist them and get them at home.

There were in the world these animals in the year before lastcentury. Brought these animals Alfred Brem. It was he who named these animals guinea pigs. As you already knew, these animals belong to the detachment of rodents. They have an elongated trunk that supports long legs. The trunk of such animals has four-toed front and three-toed hind legs.

Guinea pigs can be attributed to very hardyanimals. They will be able to endure even the constant bad attitude, which is most often obtained from children. Unfortunately, children often use them as toys.

You can understand whether the guinea pig is hungry or hungry. It's quite simple. If the animal squeaks, then he wants to eat or he is unhappy, and if he is kind of grumbling, then he is pleased.

names for guinea pigs popular

Why were guinea pigs so unusual?

Many, probably, had a question about why the guinea pigs were named that way?

Do not think that the guinea pig has anything to do with the sea or ordinary pigs. They called them mumps just because of the structure of the head.

name guinea pig boy girls
There are assumptions that before seamumps served as food. But this is just a guess, and it was a very long time ago. Now guinea pigs are ordinary domestic animals possessing a kind and funny character.