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How to paint eggs for Easter and what you can make for this holiday crafts

A bright Easter holiday is popular with everyone. Particularly interesting are the pre-holiday days, filled with cares of preparation for the celebration. "Krashenki" and "pysanka" - colored eggs - the most important symbol of this Orthodox holiday. About how to paint eggs for Easter, which can make crafts for this day for decorating the table and as a present to relatives, is told in this article.

"Krashenki" and "pysanka"

After a long fast, Easter pleases peoplethe abundance of a festive dinner. On this day it is customary to put at the head of the table "krashenki" and "pysanka", to give them to each other, to put them on the graves of relatives. Since it is possible to paint eggs for Easter in different ways, you should choose the most suitable method for yourself. "Krashenki" - is a completely painted eggs, and "little eggs" - painted paints, with an ornament or a plot. Today, there are many food colors of various colors, glitters, stickers for creating real masterpieces from boiled eggs. But you can do with the old grandfather way - onion husks.

how to paint eggs for Easter

We paint eggs with onion husks

Ineteresno, that even in this case there are options,because you can paint eggs for Easter in one smooth red-brown color, and you can do it with a drawing. For example, it is suggested to paste on the egg before cooking parsley leaves or paper patterns. The place under the template will remain white, and the rest of the area will acquire a bright color. It is also possible to apply a wax to the raw egg, which is wiped off after cooking it in the onion husk, which is filled with water. To prevent the pattern or parsley leaf from moving, use an old toe or piece of gauze. And if in a sock, before painting eggs for Easter, to fill a dry husk, tightly tie it and then lower it into boiling water, you can achieve an interesting marble effect. And some offer even after cooking in this way on a wet sock to put the dot patterns in different colors - the color spots will give originality and brightness.

hand-made articles for Easter

Stands for Easter eggs made from salt dough

Today it has become extremely fashionable to manufacturefor "krashnok" and "pisanok" special supports in the form of glasses on the stalk, Easter rabbit holding a bowl in the paws, or chickens with a notch on the back of the egg. These souvenirs are often molded from salted dough, burned in an oven or microwave oven and brightly colored. Such crafts for Easter can be made with the help of children with their own hands - they will surely like both the process of molding and drawing. It will be quite simple if you remember that the salted dough is made from flour and salt, which are taken in a 2: 1 volume ratio. And the water can be added "by eye", that is, so much that the dough was a little steeper than the dumplings.

crafts for easter

Gifts for the holiday

Crafts for Easter can be made and so: sew or embroider on napkins, aprons or stitches. Who would not like to receive as a gift a cool checkered rabbit with a huge pocket on his stomach, where it is very convenient to put a comb or keys to the apartment? A fun little towel with chicken and chickens, even a pity to use to wipe your hands - it, hanging on the wall, for a long time will serve as an ornament. Toddlers, helping adults to prepare Easter souvenirs, can gladly stick paper ears and scallops, tails and patches on boiled eggs, turning them into amazing funny animals. And you can use for the production of souvenirs eggshells, the contents of which should be gently blown out through holes in the opposite ends of the egg. An exciting activity for kids is also making Easter baskets for the guests. They can both be glued together, and weave from paper or newspaper tubes.