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A children's vest for swimming is necessary for your child!

When a family with a child is going on vacation toto the sea, the parents are always faced with the question of how to choose the right baby vest for swimming. Today we will introduce you to several models of different manufacturers. Perhaps it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

children's vest for swimming
Children's vest for swimming "Fashy" is intendedfor teaching children to swim and keep them on the water. On top of the product is covered with a cloth consisting of eighty percent of polyamide and twenty percent of spandex. The lining is made of 100% nylon. The filler is natural rubber. There is a reliable lightning and elastic band. Size S is designed for a baby 2-3 years, and M is designed for children no older than six years.

Children's inflatable waistcoat for swimming "Deluxe"help teach the child to swim. Three airbags provide security. A soft and tidy seam inside the product will not make the child uncomfortable. The waistcoat is fastened to two reliable snap fasteners.

What is remarkable about a vest for swimming"Winx" from the popular and well-proven "Bestway" brand? The production facilities of the company that manufacture these products are located in China.

This model is made of a modern material - high-strength polyvinyl chloride.

children's inflatable vest for swimming
It is environmentally friendly and completely safe forskin of the child. Decorate the children's vest for swimming "Winx" heroines of the famous animated series, so this model is great for girls from three to six years. The vest has a comfortable collar-headrest, which protects the neck of the baby. The straps are equipped with a double lock, which securely fixes the waistcoat on the child's body.

Children's vest for swimming "Intex" will help yourbaby feel confident on the water and learn how to swim. It provides complete security. Special reliability is provided by three air sections and an inflatable comfortable collar. The vest has reliable adjustable clasps. With their help you can perfectly adjust it to the shape of the child. Bright colors of models help to control the child's presence in the water.

Children's vest for swimming company "Mares"will be a good helper for your child. With this model, the kid quickly learn to stick well to the water surface. The model is made of neoprene, fastens with a zipper, has an excellent buoyancy.

children's vest for swimming fashy

A waistcoat with a removable part and a design of "Sea Squard" complies with European safety standards. Easy to fit in size, has foam inserts.

Baby vests for swimming supportoptimal position of the child, help to keep the head properly. They are fastened with reliable fasteners. Due to its design, vests are much safer than armlets and lifebuoys. They do not constrain the movements of the baby. Since the waistcoats are filled with air and cover the entire back of the child, they retain heat. When buying a waistcoat, pay attention to the weight of the chosen model. Bright colors make a waistcoat a great gift, which your child will surely enjoy!