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Autumn signs for preschoolers. Sayings about autumn for children

Golden autumn is a sad time ... So many people call itpoets are a great time of the year. How many poems, sayings, proverbs and riddles are thought up for the autumn theme. In early September, it is colorful, lush, warm. There is no such hot heat. Agree that after the summer you want a little cool. In November, the sun peeps less and less, the sky turns dark, frequent rains and many clothes begin. However, each season has its own unique charm. Kids also learn all the natural delights. In this article you will find new proverbs, sayings, signs about the fall.

Autumn time - children have fun

The nights have become cooler, the day is not so muchhot, and the morning smells like autumn. Adults and children are tired of the heat and dream, that at least a little became cooler. However, no one wants a period of rain or frost. After all, this is the result of gray, dull everyday life and lasts until spring. So you want to plunge into a hibernation, like a bear in a den, and oversleep all the dull days. And if you do not think so, and remember that in autumn there is a great opportunity to enjoy the last heat. Only at this time you can see colorful, bizarre forms of leaves. With them, children in kindergartens and schools make wonderful appliqués. First they go with teachers to the park, where many bright and beautiful leaves, collect bouquets from them, make herbaria, and then crafts. How does a child like to jump into the mountains of leaves or just rustle them when walking.

signs of autumn for preschoolers

Someone believes that it is in the fall that the body relaxes after a stormy and emotional summer. As they say, to each his own.

Autumn signs

In the distant past, many diversewill take about autumn. Hence we can say that the winter will be early or late, what will be autumn, etc. There are also folk signs of autumn for preschoolers 4, 5 years old. They are written in an accessible and understandable language.

sayings about autumn for children

Here are some of them:

  • If early felled leaflets - early start winter days.
  • Thunder in September - warm and long autumn children.
  • What is the first day of December - such a winter will be the earth.
  • The room parrot is silent - a blizzard is knocking at us through the window.
  • A cat curled up in a ball - dear there will be a potato.
  • Many cones on a pine tree - winter is cold triple.
  • Rainy days in September - all January in silver.
  • In autumn there are not enough mushrooms, and many nuts - in the winter there will be no laughter.
  • A lot of stocks in the squirrel in the hollow - to the fierce winter.
  • Birds fly low - rains want to come to us.
  • The cat hid the muzzle - the cold came.

Autumn Sayings

Children teachers and parents tell a lotsayings. Thus, an idea about the tricks of nature, about the weather, about animals, etc. is given. It is better than a popular saying that a child can not tell about the seasons. Thanks to them, he understands nature and simple phrases more. Sayings about autumn for children say that there is no bad weather.

signs of autumn for preschoolers 4 5 years

Every season of the year pleases adults and children in their own way. Read the proverb about autumn for children and ask how they understand them.

  • Autumn is the time of eating (the saying speaks of harvesting).
  • Autumn is rich - winter full (if you harvest a lot, then in winter there will be affordable food).
  • In autumn, any bird is rich (in the fields there is something to profit from).
  • A few hours of rainy - for many days the earth dries.
  • September - seeing off the summer, meeting the cold.
  • The day did not work - the harvest was prodigious.
  • November - winter threshold (ready for winter).
  • November - it's freezing on the nose.

Sayings about autumn for children are better to tell in the team. So they quickly learn the material.

Autumn proverbs

Proverbs tell children about the phenomena of nature, talk about the habits of animals. The signs of autumn for preschoolers are found in almost every proverb.

folk signs of autumn for preschoolers

Therefore, their babies are useful to tell. It is in short proverbs that there is all the information:

  • In the autumn everyone knows that the rains are going to get in the way.
  • In September, a lot of apples, in October cabbage as a gift.
  • Colorful autumn came - fun brought to children.
  • The autumn palette is used to the herbarium.
  • When the hay was cut, the rains did not ask.
  • Tree plant - harvest now do not wait.
  • In September it's cold, but satisfying.
  • What you will gather from the harvest, in the winter and live.
  • That bread that is in the field, you can not put it in your mouth.
  • There is no bad land, there are owners who do not understand anything in the harvest.
  • In November, winter is disputing in the fall.
  • In the autumn you dig, you do not starve in the winter.
  • Who did not work in the autumn, does not have anything in the winter.
  • Autumn came - rains brought with them.

Talk proverbs and sayings about autumn forchildren with an accessible language. They must understand what exactly is said in them. If children ask questions, then explain what phrases or words mean in proverbs or sayings.

Poems about autumn

Many poets write about this small timequatrains for children. Why exactly about autumn? Probably, because the nature is very beautiful, plays a multicolored palette. If the spring is all green, then in the fall you can see bright red, yellow, orange and other colors.


Leaves fall, shelter the roads,

It's nice to walk on them,

All our worries recede,

So you want to play tricks on us.


The leaves fly and swirl over us,

What a beauty,

Do not convey in words,

Autumn dream has come.


Birds fly to warm regions,

I look at them dying,

How they wag their tail,

Take me with you.


The birdhouses were emptied,

I look, the birds passed by,

Even the songs are not finished,

With the feeling that the blizzards will soon begin.


Autumn has come,

The rains began,

We will ask her

Do not leave yet.

Riddles about the autumn

After proverbs, sayings, stories or poems for children, it is best to fix the material with riddles.

Pictures of signs of autumn for children

Of these, you can also identify some signs of autumn for preschoolers. Here are some of them:

  1. We walk in the yard,

It's fun for our kids,

When does this happen? … (In November).

2. A lot of harvest people brought,

It ... came to us (autumn).

3. There are no brushes, no paints,

And it is decorated, as in a fairy tale (autumn).

4. Collect potatoes, when it happens? (in the autumn).

5. The rain pours like a bucket,

the whole earth was wet.

When does this happen? (in the autumn).

6. Flies, but not a bird, howls, but not a wolf (wind).

7. Frightened by cold weather, flew away, where it's warm.

Ceased to sing and have fun,

These are migratory ... (birds).

What a child needs to know about autumn

Before the guys ask questions about timeyear, first tell a little. Show the children pictures. The signs of autumn for children or riddles will be more understandable if they see with their own eyes what is meant. Tell them what are cold days, wind, frequent rains, the leaves are of different colors and shades. Children should understand that in autumn you can make wonderful crafts not only from leaves, but also from chestnuts, acorns, etc.

proverbial sayings about the autumn

Show the kids in a clear example, what isleaf fall. Let them run through the leaves, touch them with their hands, collect for hand-made articles. From the pictures you can see how a flock of birds flies to the south. It is possible with children aged 5-6 years to go to the fields on an excursion. Let them look at how people harvest, while listening to the teacher's story about what he needs and what will be done with him. Make a few suggestions for children on the autumn theme. Spend a feast of autumn so they learn poems. This will develop memory, attention, thinking. Ask them to come up with signs of autumn for preschoolers. From their observations, they can teach a lot to adults.