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Interesting questions from children. Where the Sun is sleeping

Little children often ask such questions,which even their parents do not know the answer. And sometimes the answer seems to be obvious, but there's nothing for the child to say. To prevent this from happening, every parent should be ready for different issues.

Where the sun is spending the night

There are many standard questions that children like to ask.

Where is the Sun at night?

Where does the sun spend the night? This question is often asked by children, when they notice that at night the big star disappears and it becomes dark. The child needs to explain that the Sun gives the earth warmth and light, and it is necessary for a normal life. This can be explained in the children's language and decorated with a small story to the child was interested, and he could remember it. The child needs to be told that the Earth is round and is spinning all the time. Also, so that a small person can imagine everything, you can pick up some fruits. For example, an apple, and say that this is our planet, take an orange and say that it's the Sun.

Where the sun sleeps the night
The orange is put on the table, and the apple is picked up,slowly twist it around its axis and at the same time - in his hand. So you can clearly show what is happening in space, how the earth and the big star that warms us are interacting. So the child will be easier to understand where the sun is spending the night. It is worth saying that if it shines on one side of the earth, then the night comes on the other side, and people go to bed. And after a few hours, the opposite happens, the sun comes in, and on this side it gets dark. To the question "Where does the Sun sleep?" the answer can be given in a "fairytale" way.
where the sun sleeps for children
Think of a fairy tale that a huge star liveshis life, smiles and gives light to people, and when it gets dark, she goes to bed (at this point you can tell the child that he needs to go to bed too, that will help him fall asleep more quickly). A house near the sun is in the sky, behind the clouds. And in the evening it goes to his house, rests there, and in the morning comes again to shine people and to warm them.

Is the Sun asleep?

The kid can say that Sunny does notsleeps, that it exists and shines all the time, and when it gets dark, it means it shines for other children. Then the child will not ask where the Sun sleeps. In fact, it is. After all, it never sleeps, simply because our planet is spinning, one of its sides is always dark. The child is better to tell the truth right away so that he does not have erroneous opinions and then he does not get confused, just need to do it colorfully and fun.

Interesting questions from children

"Where does the sun spend the night?", "What does the ant hear?"," Why does not the Moon fall to Earth? "And many other interesting questions can be heard from children. It is always necessary to understand them and try to give them a full answer. Sometimes parents roughly respond to a child's stupid questions, and this has a bad effect on children. In fact, very interesting questions can be heard from a small child, and it's fascinating to think about how best to satisfy the interest of the potholes.

Possible answers to the question "Where does the Sun sleep?"

In order for parents to choose their ownchild ways of an answer, we will offer several options. When asked about where the sun is spending the night, you can come up with many answers for children. The child can say that the Sun sleeps in the sky, together with the clouds or behind them. You can also tell the child that Sunny is resting behind the clouds, so when it sleeps, it becomes dark. Even during sunset, the child observes that the Sun goes beyond the horizon. You can answer that it was there that the house was shining, and it was sleeping there. It can also be said that the Sun goes home to the moon, and she goes to heaven instead of him and shines to the people. In the morning the moon goes to sleep, and the sun comes. And so all the time they change in order to stay in sight of people. And sometimes it happens that you can see both the Moon and the Sun in the sky at the same time, this indicates that they both slept.