/ What are the most expensive watches in the world?

What are the most expensive watches in the world?

The most expensive watches are produced under exclusivebrands. Manufacturers of such watches have a long history. The price of these products may exceed the total total earnings of some people for the entire period of service. It would seem incredible, but such a small accessory, like a watch, can be much more expensive than a good car or a small apartment. In this article we will describe the most expensive wristwatches, the cost of which will turn your head.

the most expensive watches

Our rating "The most expensive watches" openpocket watch from the brand Breguet 1907VA / 12. The cost of this model is 734 thousand dollars. This watch with a mechanical plant is made of 18-carat gold by the best masters of this brand. Engraving of handmade decorates the dial and the mechanism of these watches. The case in diameter is 5.7 cm.

Next in our ranking are 1735 GrandeComplication brand Blancpain, which in fact can be called a real jewelry. They are made of 740 miniature parts, and their manufacture took more than ten months of meticulous work. The watch case, 3.2 cm in diameter, is made of platinum and is inlaid with stones. They also have an automatic plant. The peculiarity of these watches is that they are equipped with a split-chronograph with a minute tutor, two second hands and an eternal calendar. The price of such watches is 800 thousand dollars.

The uniqueness of Louis Moinet Magistralis watches,which cost about 860 thousand dollars, is that a piece of a real lunar meteorite is placed inside the case. Its age is about two thousand years. On the outside, the case is covered in 18 carat gold. Also these watches are equipped with a minute tutor, a chronograph and an eternal calendar. By purchasing these watches, their owner becomes closer to the cosmos.

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The cost of the next model is Black CaviarBang - more than a million dollars. This is due to an elegant coating of rare black diamonds in the amount of 322 pieces on a case of white gold. The beauty of this watch manufacturer Hublot amazes and fascinates.

Let Chopard Super Ice watch and not the most expensive,but they can be called the most luxurious ones. The total weight of the diamonds that adorn this watch is 66 carats. Thanks to this, they play and shine in the sun, like a piece of ice, which is due to their name. Undoubtedly, they can not be called the most modest and restrained. The price of such beauty is about 1.1 million dollars.

Brand Patek Philippe (Switzerland), known aswhich produces the most expensive watches or pocket watches, got to our rating thanks to the most complicated model of the Sky Moon Tourbillon watch at a price of 1.3 million dollars. They can boast of an eternal calendar, two dials and a phase indicator of the moon.

Clock model Tour

the most expensive wrist watch
de l "Ile from the brand Vacheron Constantin consists of 834 parts and shows, in addition to the exact time, 2 time zones and the time when the sun sets in. The cost of this masterpiece is one and a half million dollars.

End our rating "The most expensive watch"Platinum World Time from the already mentioned manufacturer Patek Philippe. The cost of this watch is $ 4 million. Their uniqueness and singularity lies in the fact that they show the exact time in twenty-four time zones and operate on a self-winding mechanism.

In conclusion, it should be said that the high cost of all these products is due not only to the impeccable work and precision of the mechanisms. All these watches are real works of art!