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At what age can a child be given persimmon? Useful properties of the product

All parents, no doubt, care about foodchild. When the first lure is introduced, Mom has a lot of different questions regarding when the product can be given. In this article, we will discuss a winter fruit called persimmon. It is seasonal and is available to all people in the cold season. Let's look in detail at what age a child can be given persimmon. How useful is this fruit and when does it at all abandon its use?

from what age can a child be given persimmon

Beneficial features

Before you find out from what age a child can be given persimmon, it is necessary to understand what it is useful. Persimmon contains a lot of vitamins and other necessary substances.

A large amount of vitamin C helps childrencope with colds. Also, the fruit enhances immunity. Included in the composition of natural sugars (fructose and glucose) improve performance and improve brain activity.

The fruit contains vitamins P and A, thanks to which the blood circulation is normalized and the vessels are strengthened. During the growth of the child, these substances are simply necessary.

In addition, the persimmon contains calcium, magnesium,sodium and potassium. These substances help strengthen the bones and nervous system of the child, as well as induce digestion and remove various unpleasant substances from the body.

persimmon for children from what age you can eat

It is impossible not to say about iron, manganese, iodine andpectin, which is in sufficient quantity contained in the fruit. That is why persimmon is so useful for children. From what age you can eat this fruit, you will learn further.

When to introduce fruits into the general diet of children?

So, at what age can the child be givenPersimmon? It is worth saying that the decision depends on the parents. Many caring mothers try to introduce the baby with such useful fruit as soon as possible. This is not entirely correct.

Experts recommend to include it in the diet inbetween the ages of two and four. Previously, it is not recommended to feed persimmon into food because it contains substances that can lead to intestinal obstruction.

If the child has health problems thatare associated with digestion, it is worthwhile to postpone acquaintance with the new fruit until five years. It is by this time that the work of the digestive tract and excretory system is fully established.

It is worth completely abandoning the use of persimmonsif the child has diabetes mellitus. Because of the contained sugars, it can worsen the condition of the baby. Also, refrain from introducing this fruit into the diet if the child suffers from constipation. Persimmon has a binding effect. Quite often it is prescribed for diarrhea. That's why it can only worsen the condition of the baby.

from what age can a child be given a persimmon

How to introduce a child to a new fruit?

So, we found out from what age the childyou can give persimmon. Fruits should be entered into food gradually, starting with small pieces. Attentively observe the reaction of the body, since the persimmon is an allergen.

For the baby it is necessary to choose only ripe fruits,which do not have an astringent effect. You can also try to give the baby a dried fruit. It should be taken into account that some useful substances and vitamins may be lost.

when a child can be given persimmon

Instead of concluding

Now you know from what age the childyou can give persimmon. If you have any questions or doubts about the baby's nutrition, you should consult a pediatrician instead of listening to the advice of relatives and knowledgeable girlfriends. Feed your child deliciously, correctly and fully. In this case, he will grow up healthy and strong.