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Let's play? Contests for a fun nature company

Birthday, promotion, calendar holiday or just the first warm spring off ... In principle, it does not matter which reason - the main thing is that you decided to get out into nature by a friendly company.

contests for a fun outdoor company
Food and drinks - you can not do without. But what to do when the first hunger is quenched, all topics are discussed, and some are starting to get bored? Contests for a fun company in nature - that's what you can fill the free time!

Successfully selected fun contests and games willthe highlight of this day, will be remembered for a long time and leave behind only positive impressions. Successfully matched - this means age-appropriate participants, their degree of acquaintance, emancipation, the prevailing atmosphere. After all, games in nature are also different: cheerful and intelligent, harmlessly neutral and balancing on the verge of "below the belt," requiring considerable physical exertion or intended for not quite sober company. In general, birthday contests for a fun company should be interesting and appealing to all its participants. And for any other reason, this also applies. Here are a few options that you should take into service.

Football in a new way

This completely unexpected variation of the familiara sports game for a fun company in nature will bring a maximum of positive emotions and help to bring all its members closer together. Players are divided into teams, choose a potential gate. It's better if each team has an even number of participants, and that's why: they become next to each other, and then their legs are connected by a rope (yes, at least with a sweater sleeve or a T-shirt): the right one and the left of the other. Try in such a pair position to get the ball into the enemy gate!

birthday contests for a fun company
Knight Tournament

Similar contests for a fun outdoor companyrequire a minimum of improvised means and a maximum of artistry from the participants. It will take several "knights" (at least four) and a corresponding number of "beautiful ladies." At the beginning of the game, voluntary candidates for knights are offered a choice between two groups: "cold" and "heat." They do not yet know what is wrong: then it turns out that those who chose the "cold" will become horsemen, and "warm", respectively, their faithful horses. Then everything is simple: you need to try to knock out another "rider" from the "saddle". The tournament begins on the waving of the headscarf of the "beautiful lady". And the winner can be a kiss or, at worst, the first piece of a shish kebab.

games for a fun nature company

Hunting for wild boar

In the list "Contests for a fun company onnature "this game has all the chances to take the first place. And its rules are very simple. Choose "victim" - it will be a wild boar, and the rest "hunters" are divided into two teams, armed with the same number of "cartridges." In their quality, color stickers are ideal for each team. On the "wild boar" you can hang a "target" - an ordinary cardboard circle attached to the back of the "victim."

By whistle or other signal, the hunt will start. The task of the players is to catch the boar and make your shot sticker on the target. The team that wins the "wild boar" more times in a given time wins. This and similar contests for a fun company in nature deliver a lot of pleasant emotions, suitable for adults and children, as well as allow "rush" brutal appetite. It's ideal to "hunt for a wild boar" when the shish kebab is already roasting on the grill!