/ What sports competitions for children can you think of?

What sports competitions for children can you think of?

Children are not only flowers of life, but also a largea responsibility. It is important not only to feed, dress, and shoe, but also to entertain them properly. Than? For example, sports competitions for children are suitable. At any time of the year and for any age. So, we come up with competitions.

sports competitions for children

In the summer, especially when it's very hot,it is best to arrange sports competitions for children near the pond. Even better, if you can swim in it. As an alternative, and inflatable pool. Competitions can be held both on the water and on the shore. The simplest and most common is the shuttle run. It's not always convenient to run around the sand, but nevertheless it's interesting. Another interesting competition is long jumps. You need to have a centimeter or a tape measure to accurately measure the indicators. Such fun sports competitions for children are suitable for older preschool and school age. Babies 2-4 years old need very different fun. For example, you can play in the king of the sand mountain. Or sculpt kulichiki from wet sand for fun, at speed.

On the water, too, can be nice fun. For example, in advance, attach a buoy not too far from the shore and arrange a swim to it for speed. Or play water polo. This is a kind of volleyball, only on the water. Prizes, by the way, also need to be thought through in advance. Ideally, they should go to everyone. Just someone as a prize for victory, and someone as an incentive. So no one will be hurt.

cheerful sports competitions for children

Another interesting sports contest may bebecome jumping in bags. This is not only fun, but also very useful. Gradually, tasks can be complicated. For example, jump in a bag, collect balloons into it, pass relay batons and stuff. It is only necessary to connect the imagination.

In the autumn, the street is already quite cool,and rains are often. But, this does not mean that sports games will have to say no. In the autumn sports competitions for children with special mobility are especially actual. For example, playing football. Girls can also "drive" into it. Six people - this is already a whole yard team. You can also arrange a race for a hundred meters with funny prizes. Or throwing tennis balls at a distance. Jumps in height, too, will do. Such games will provide enough movement to not freeze and not get bored. The complex of exercises in combination with the game share give the result not only for the body, but also for organizing sports interest.

sports competitions in the camp

Sports competitions in the camp or at home are feware different. Is that the number of children. With a good organization, you can attract not only your children, but also your neighbors. And for those who can not tear off children from video games, there is a good solution in the face of the console x-box with motion sensor kinect. To play it, you have to use your body to the maximum, and this is the first step on the way to sports.

Sports competitions for children should involvenot only with their prizes, but also with accessibility for everyone. Absolutely, any child can jump, run, and throw balls. The main thing is to interest him, to attach him to the team games, to develop a sporting spirit.